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Faye Holland, HR Tech World and #disruptHRtech blogger interviews Peter Forbes, founder and CEO of HROnboard, employee onboarding software that helps organisations manage the job offer and new hire process.

FAYE:  Who is HROnboard and what do you do?

PETER:  HROnboard removes the process and compliance burden in employee onboarding while giving new hires the best possible start.  Our mission is to create a great new hire experience – for your new starter and HR.

FAYE:  Welcome back to disruptHRTech! You attended last October so what made you decide to come back and what would you like to achieve as a result of your participation?

PETER:  We had such a great time and reception in being part of Disrupt HR that we couldn’t miss the London event.  We have a strong UK focus in our growth plans and we’re here to meet buyers and learn more about the market.

FAYE:  The last time we spoke we talked about how there is often a gap from offering someone a job to day 1 and that’s where HROnboard fills the gap. So can we go a little deeper with an example of how a customer would use your service and what kinds of benefits will they achieve?

PETER:   We’ve got lots of different use cases for HROnboard, from short-contract seasonal onboarding to contract renewals, but for your standard job offer, HROnboard comes in once the new hire has verbally accepted their job offer.
From there, the HR or recruitment person will log in to HROnboard, select the country they’re hiring for (US, UK, Aus or NZ) and upload the contract and any additional policies they want the new hire to accept.
HROnboard is kept up to date with all the legal documents required to onboard an employee in each country, and it automatically populates these forms, so all the new hire needs to do is open their offer (from their mobile or a desktop computer), fill in their details and accept!
It’s great for HR because it’s all online, meaning its fast, all the data is accurate and complete and there’s no need to print anything out.
It’s even better for the new hire because they get a great welcome to the organisation in the form of an offer they can accept anywhere, anytime.
Induction tasks, reporting, analytics, internal reviews, custom fields, welcome videos, social plugins and a whole heap of other features are also included out of the box to help you create an awesome onboarding experience.

FAYE:  One of your brand promises is to provide ‘an awesome new hire experience’ – how do you know you are achieving this?

PETER: Simple – we ask every new hire that accepts an offer in our system!  At the end of the process, we provide the ability to give happy/sad face rating and feedback on their experience.  This information can be seen by the organisation.

So far we’ve had very little negative feedback submitted from tens of thousands of new hires we’ve processed.   But we always investigate why the new hire would not have a great experience and of course we don’t charge the customer for that transaction – that’s our guarantee!

FAYE:  You’ve gone to great efforts to make sure your technology is easy to integrate, so what do you believe are other pre-requisites in any new HR Tech?

PETER: For point solutions like ours, integration is key and having out of the box connectors with recruitment, payroll providers and business communications systems like Slack is key.

Other pre-requisites for HR Tech is the user experience – easy to use without a user guide, mobile responsiveness, and a consumer like feel.

FAYE:  Tell me a little about the team and how they work with your clients?

PETER:  We’ve got a great team of about 23 people with most of them headquartered in our Melbourne Australia office.

These days most of our interactions with customers is online and over the phone, whether in the US or UK.  Customer success is key in a cloud based business, so we’re fanatical about making sure customers are using the system and getting value out of it – otherwise they don’t renew.

FAYE:  What’s your idea of innovation and what do you want to see out of fellow disruptHRtech companies?

PETER:  Innovation is looking at problems from a different perspective and coming up with a solution that is unique or not well known for the application.  A great example of this is what SpaceX are doing with re-usable rockets.

The way businesses manage and nurture their talent is ripe for disruption given the rapid rise of technology and I’m sure we’ll be seeing some great new ideas in the areas of analytics, machine learning, and experience based learning at this year’s show.

FAYE:  What are your plans for growth and transformation expansion for 2016?

PETER:  After focusing on Australia/New Zealand for the last two years we’re now ready to grow in the US and UK markets.  After attending both US HR Tech and HR World Congress in Paris in Nov 2015 we know an engaging and efficient job offer process is a problem lots of enterprises are still struggling with.

This year we’ll be releasing more features to improve the experience including more country packs for multi-nationals, new hire analytics, and new hire nurture.

For more information on HROnboard check out these links and resources

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HROnboard

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LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/hronboard

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