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Faye Holland, HR Tech World blogger interviews CEO of VisoCon Andreas Kröpfl to find out more about their “eyeson” product and what attendees should expect to see and hear from them in the disruptHR startup zone.


FAYE: hello Andreas, please tell me who VisoCon are you and what do you do?

ANDREAS: Of course! We are an innovative Austrian start-up with our product “eyeson” which enables cloud based high scalable video calls, video meetings and webinars as integrated solution in systems, processes or social networks.


FAYE: You are delivering product in a market that is already very well serviced, how will you differentiate yourself?

ANDREAS: We integrate the eyeson cloud solutions in huge social networks so that people can seamlessly use their own branded video communication solutions. The network itself then will be the multiplier, which can be addressed with marketing, expert blogging, direct sales channels and partnerships.

Also important to mention is our professional Single-Stream-Technology providing maximum video and audio quality, even at low bandwidth.


FAYE: Why did you decide to take part in disruptHRTech this year?

ANDREAS: As we know about the need of video communication in a globally connected world, we have the opportunity to customize the requirements in an HR-process to increase our video solution for this industry. The event will give us the opportunity to talk to these people.


FAYE: Who then are your principal ‘buyers’ and then who are the ‘users’ – is there a profile?

ANDREAS: We started in the German speaking area with a social business network where 16 million users including recruiters already can use it. Also every organization which needs to communicate over distances will benefit from eyeson. Or it can be used for sharing knowledge via webinars, for company-internal training, as a sales and marketing tool and/or as a communication channel.


FAYE: Can you provide us with a quick explanation of how your technology platform works?

ANDREAS: eyeson allows you to collaborate more efficiently with colleagues and clients. Simply schedule a new video meeting and bring all participants together. You can use eyeson for quick coordination meetings as well as for scheduled, more elaborate video conferences. eyeson offers you an extensive portfolio of features to make your collaboration as simple and efficient as you could wish: invite participants with just a simple click, use the recording function to archive valuable information, share and present documents with simple drag & drop and benefit from the seamless interaction.


FAYE: What are your plans for expansion?

ANDREAS: We will expand with a Social Network in EU, go to Silicon Valley for Industry and Social Network Partnerships and a product launch in China with Alibaba.


FAYE: How do you know 2015 has been a success?

ANDREAS: Due to the successful integration of eyeson into four international platforms. That’s an incredibly success considering that short time it has been realized.


FAYE: Tell me a little about the team and how they work with your clients?

ANDREAS: We are a highly motivated, focussed and imaginative team – always finding together new ways to surprise our customers.


More about Andreas

Andreas Kröpfl was born in Villach, Austria. He finished his study of electro-biomedical engineering and physics at the technical university of Graz in 1998. During his PhD about communication theory and synchronization problems in technical informatics, he started working with Frequentis GmbH, the world leader in air traffic communication. Until 2006 he was leader of the Frequentis office in Graz, where he could work on air traffic, railway communication projects as well as lead the innovation centre. Since 2005 he has been a member at an international speech recognition consortium and got involved into a lot of image recognition projects. Starting 2006 he developed IP based video communication set top boxes for telehealth. In 2010 he found his own company VisoCon, where he started working on open video conferencing technology as integrated solution.


Phone: +43-316-3399-31


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