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The shortest month of the year is almost over – as we are crossing the t-s and dotting the i-s for our European flagship event, HR Tech Europe (London, March 24th-25th ), here is an overview of what has been happening in and around our household.

February favorites from our blog

Technology: Crisis or Opportunity?

HR Tech Europe’s report on Critical Realities in HR is out – check for information on reality checks for trends and plans in Enterprise HR in 2015.

Workforce Planning, Employer Branding, how to plan an HR Analytics audit for your company – Patrick Coolen and Andrew Marritt discuss the possibilities and challenges in the field.

Engagement is a recent benchmark in HR – everything comes down to employee engagement, which Josh Bersin and Ward Christman discuss in light of the developments in HR Tech

We asked Christa Degnan Manning on the importance of tailored, custom SaaS services, opening a conversation on real efficiency.

IBM’s recent study with the Smarter Workforce Institute stresses the importance of maintaining focus on data security and privacy for successful workforce analytics.


From the Network:

How to create high employee engagement and commitment has become a central focus point for many organisations’ strategies. The added value that engaged and committed employees have is increasingly being recognised by CEOs, stakeholders, managers and HR. Social innovation and transparency, among others, are key traits for a highly engaged organization.

From a corporate perspective, investment in big data and analytics means organizations now have the ability to make sense of the data produced by wearables. Diginomica looks at the future with such devices becoming integrated to enterprise HR.

Next Generation HR Outsourcing has been one of the issues grabbing our network’s attention this February. Rob Hill’s article on cloud HR and hybrid technologies – unsurprisingly – mentions the importance of engagement as well as analytics.

How about job satisfaction correlated to employee engagement? Or is job satisfaction more correlated to life satisfaction? Dan Pontefract on Putting People Ahead of Profit

So what matters today? How can we create an organization in today’s work environment that is magnetic and attractive, creates a high level of performance and passion, and continuously monitors problems that need to be fixed?  Breaking with the traditional annual-employee-engagement-survey, Josh Bersin explores alternative options for analytics. His other piece drawing attention this month was about the arrival of the ‘geeks’ of HR: Analytics on the rise.

As the old adage goes, job seeking is not just about what you know, it’s who you know–and who we know in modern society is expressed by who we connect with on social networks. Pay attention, recruiters. By Dan Finnigan of JobVite


Word from our experts:

Google launches Android for Work,  throwing their hat in the ring for the race for best Mobile Enterprise Solution.

6 Tips to Unleash REAL Innovation by Oracle HCM

Hybrid Cloud a Reality for the Enterprise  by IBM

ServiceNow acquired Intréis, a team of experts focused on integrating GRC and service management across enterprise environments

4 Ways the Cloud Changes Business Analytics Forever by Workday CAO

8 elements of employee engagement needed to build a top workplace by Ceridian