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It is summer finally – In June we have updated our speaker panel, bringing you 70 of the brightest stars in the world of HR under one roof for the HR Tech World Congress in Paris. Here is what happened in the month that was June 2015.

Blog Favorites

Luk Smeyers’ article on the #HRTech Blog unearths the question of why HR Analytics is 10 years behind. With all the disruption and technological advances, what can be done to bring HR up to par with other business analytics?

Surya Mohapatra of Ekaakshara looks at learning. Based on Gardner’s multiple intelligences he highlights the importance of knowing and catering to your audience for the best possible results.

The shift in talent engagement and talent management is analysed in Steve George’s piece – in an interview with Forbes’ Rawn Shah at our Spring London event.

Many of our network have taken a part in our study co-hosted with the Fosway group – to see the major differences one year makes in HR Technology, click here.

Nicole Le Marie says there is one key aspect of continuous improvement that must be adhered to – leadership. Teams within an organisation will need to see a change in culture. Read her piece on continuous improvement here.

Garrett O’Brien poses the question in his #HRDog series – Why are we trying to solve our problems with the same thinking we used to create them? Read the 3rd installment here.

In our Network

Towers Watson published the 2015 HR Service Delivery and Technology Survey this month – the hats HR professionals wear, the changing trends in HR Tech and Software spending and HR’s keys to success.

Global investment in HR technology and software is continuing to grow, with 88% of EMEA businesses planning to spend the same or more on HR technology this year as last year, according to Towers Watson. – See more at HR Magazine

In the HR startup landscape, facing France, 4 companies stand out. Infographic created by Akoya Consulting.

In Forbes magazine’s Leadership series Meghan Biro predicts HR to become a singular centralized, capable platform that can run the whole family of functions, so instead of reacting we’re proacting; instead of managing we’re able to lead.

Our first day keynote for Paris and the World’s Greatest Entrepreneur, Richard Branson on spending time away from the office.

Organizations need joined-up Total Talent Management that covers the entire talent spectrum – temps, permanents and robots. Janine Milne’s article on IoT was posted in diginomica.

Claire Groden of Time magazine sorts out the changing trends in benefit packages offered.

Jordan Stark and Katie Smith Milway over at Harvard Business Review take stock of growth factors at the workplace in the times of holacracy.

And because no review of HR articles can be complete without at least one generational commentary, here is our choice for the month of June: HR.com, our first time media partner’s article by Sarah Baldeo on making Millenials stick with your organization.

Expert Corner

ADP: The major things to consider when outsourcing your multi-country payroll processes: Scalability, Global Expertise and Technology

Cornerstone on Demand: The advance of technology is inevitable, but rather than an “either-or” choice between humans and machines, innovative talent leaders are finding creative and optimal combinations of human and machine interaction.

Workday: Celebrating 10 years with a number of quotes on change and disruption.

SuccessFactors: HR – Are you Really Ready for Five Generations in Your Workplace?

IBM Smarter Workforce – 9 steps to building a more agile organization.