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Blog Favorites

Volker Jacobs of CEB gave us an interview on the 5 levels of Analytics Maturity – Ad-hoc, Standalone, Cause and Effect, Business-Led and Actionable.

We posted an overview of the Deloitte HCM Leadership Trends Report – the 5 steps of building solid leadership.

At #HRTechEurope we got some insights from Katrina Collier, Matt Alder and Matt Buckland, social media recruitment experts, who discuss the trends and obstacles of recruiting through social in our video.

Garrett O’Brien guest blogged for us  on the confusion surrounding big data usage, and asking the right questions.

In our Network

Measuring L&D and other talent efforts require attention to detail and a healthy level of sophistication – even ‘datafication’ has its limits

An overview of HR Technology was posted on the Entrepreneur, with a list of newcomers in the HCM landscape.

Nonmillennial staff has trouble getting comfortable with the more modern approach to collaboration – said Ryan Smith of Raidious to the CLO on understanding millennials in the workplace.

Lynda Gratton’s article in HR Magazine addresses the debate over AI entering the world of work, and how employees can be prepared for automation and further disruptive technologies.

There is little point in making improvements to the business if you cannot clearly show the value you have added – says Nicole Le Maire in her LinkedIn article on the rocky roads to success in HR Technology.

Traffic, Transparency & Talent Technology – Glassdoor and LinkedIn are fighting over the Future of Online Recruiting

Employee Referral Landscape: The most relevant choice for your company will depend on specific requirements, customization, matching, integration with existing ATS, data requirements and other considerations. Faye Holland on using your staff for recruitment.

Forbes’ Future of Work column covered the 5 disruptive technologies that will create jobs – Economy, Cloud Computing, Digital Supply Chain, 3D Printing and IoT.

Expert Corner

Successfactors: Implications of an Aging Population on the Workplace – Japan is only the first of many societies having to face the consequences of their population diminishing. Diversity and flexibility are key, as well as retention and new skills acquisition. The competition for excellent talent will be cruicial, as well as building a strong leadership structure.

What is Simplicity in Enterprise Software? Workforce asks the question for design technologies and user experiences.

Cornerstone Edge: Jason Corsello, Vice President of Strategy for Cornerstone OnDemand, answers a few questions on what the platform announcement means for developers and businesses.

Workday is at an interesting point in its development. Having nailed the $1 billion run rate then where to next?  Diginomica covers the Q1 FY2016 numbers and forecasts the months to come. 27

Big Data Myths and Misconceptions on the ADP Blog – how to make sure that your data analytics are up to snuff.