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It’s TALENT WEEK on the HR Tech Europe Blog. This week is dedicated to how to recruit, retain and engage talent. 


We live in an age where our fingertips work harder than our gut, and almost everything has a review score tied to it. Organisations have responded to the changing communicative sphere and aim to address issues before they become exposure – especially when it relates to employees. The array of employee management tools allow staff to feel engaged with their employer and minimises the risk of negative company opinions by ex-employees. What employers do need to address, is ensuring potential employees (candidates who want to work for an organisation), are feeling the love, and continue to feel it throughout their candidate journey.

Candidates are interacting with companies as soon as their candidate journey begins. The candidate experience is everything that happens before a candidate even steps foot into your office doors for an interview. I mention office doors – because the time a candidate spends in your organisation’s talent pool, they are engaging within your virtual walls and they have already started to grasp your corporate brand and culture.

This is the very basis of a candidate relationship with your organisation. With an effective talent relationship management platform, talent teams can smartly deploy their employer branding and recruiting communications strategy through automated personalised messages at pre-agreed touch points. Relevant messages and branded communications enable talent pools to receive a one-way dialogue, generating company interest. To create a two-way dialogue, a talent portal can be created and talents can engage right back at the company. This is the ideal scenario for organisations to butter up those potential candidates they want to hire. Keeping user perception in mind, talent teams can focus on creating a positive experience for their talent pools. This leads to talents feeling helped and positive advertising is shortcoming through word of mouth.

Ensuring candidates are feeling the love through the candidate journey

Going further than just potential candidates, a similar strategy can be utilised for ex-employees. Continuing the brand experience can allow organisations to leverage alumni in a range of different ways and ensure that brand loyalty is continued.

It can be detrimental for businesses to have a negative candidate perception. People are talking faster on social channels than ever before. Bad experiences travel quickly, and there is the possibly of social conversations starting that are not in the favour of the business. Glassdoor is a great example, where employers are rated by employees (and also candidates); positive and negative company experiences and candidate journeys are shared. Therefore it is so important to invest the time and effort into planning out the ideal candidate journey, work on the candidate experience and deploy the impression you want any candidate to feel.

When talent and alumni teams are effective in sourcing the best candidates, it allows human resources teams to be more effective in focusing on employee engagement and retention, allowing talents to feel helped and engaged from pre-hire to hire, right through to retire. Start thinking about your talent relations and alumni strategies and how you can encourage talent to spread good news fast.

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This isLuisa Pagliarini a guest post by Luisa Pagliarini. Luisa is IntraWorlds International Marketing Manager. With ten years marketing experience, Luisa is passionate about technology marketing – and ensuring organisations understand the importance of talent and alumni relationships. Born and bred an Aussie, Luisa now lives in Munich, Germany, making the most of Europe’s travel beauties and fantastic produce and cuisines.