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HR Tech World London 2017 will soon be upon us, with people gathering at ExCeL London to take in the wisdom shared by leaders across HR. Innovation and disruption are second nature to the HR community, who are always looking to do things better. One such area of improvement, that cannot afford to be ignored, is gender equality.


Despite large support for gender equality in work, there is still much of an uphill struggle left to climb. Only 11% of Fortune 500 executives are women – I know, it gives us a lot to shout about. Even here at HR Tech World a quick tally of male vs. female speakers finds 37% of speakers are women. I rock up at many events where there is literally no balance, so this is definite progress but we can most definitely do better!


Tech start-ups founded by women are around 20% which makes me encouraged to have Aisling Teillard of Tandem (winner of disruptHR Paris 2016) and Kieran Snyder of Textio (finalist in London 2017 competition) representing a women founders at the disruptHR portion of the event.


To champion women’s entrepreneurship at the event, I’d like to highlight a few of the empowering women who will be taking to the stage and inspiring women and men to encourage more fearless females to step-up.


Someone many of you will already be planning to see is leading female business figure Baroness Karren Brady. She sets an example to everyone, especially women, who tune in with her high standards, fair critique and persistent holding women to account, reminding them of their duty to promote themselves and others as professional women in business in the UK. Baroness Brady has grown from her role as an apprentice at an advertising company to be voted Leading UK Female Business Woman of the Year, an Ultimate Entrepreneur and considered among the 50 most inspirational people in the world. Baroness Karren Brady will be at HR Tech World in London sharing the insights she gained through knock-backs and triumphs alike. This session will be followed immediately by a Women in Tech Panel which I am pleased to say, rather than including only women, this time includes Chris Parke of Talking Talent – after all change will only happen when we all work together.


Featuring in the Talent & Recruitment breakout track is Ruth Penfold, Global Director of Talent Acquisition at Shazam. Rather than look at overall talent, Ruth will be honing in on the individual and how to handle leveraging influence, fulfilling objectives and role flexibility. Befitting the innovative nature of HR Tech, Ruth’s way of approaching such things may be an entirely new for some. She will also share Shazam’s common values and the path the company took to land those common values.


HR Tech World isn’t only for speakers to deliver lectures, it’s a breeding ground of innovation and creativity. If disruptHR (the session that yours truly emcee’s and mentioned above) is a celebration of such innovation and rumble of the status quo, then the Think Tank Areas are workshops where delegates can take the hands-on approach. CEO of Zircon Management Consulting, Dr Amanda Potter will be facilitating a session in the Think Tank 1 area on “attitude”. Now of course we all think we have a great attitude, that is, until we don’t. Dr Potter will be exploring winning attitudes and winning organisations, as well as CEOs, Olympians and Paralympians with her audience. What’s more, the session will delve deeper into technology’s role in defining and establishing winning businesses. A chance for self-reflection and self-development, Dr Potter’s Think Tank session will enable you to visualise your own path to a winner’s attitude.


Not long ago Coupofy developed a great infographic including how to retain and increase more women in tech. This included


  1. Mentoring programmes
  2. Networking opportunities
  3. Flexible working hours
  4. Personal development
  5. Workforce diversity


So it’s not rocket science and it’s something that can benefit males and females; but equally it isn’t enough to simply say you support women in business, you have to support and promote them too. Talking of the latter, issues of diversity and inclusion don’t stop with women, as Pamela Hutchinson will be discussing at HR Tech World. The Bloomberg LP Head of Diversity & Inclusion (and winner of Head of Diversity of the Year Award by The European Diversity Awards, says twitter) will talk us through the rise of nationality, ethnicity and multiculturalism on multinational organisations’ D&I agendas. In spite of how often people shy away and bow out of conversations about D&I, Pamela will be approaching the topic head-on, sharing some real and practical approaches to genuinely taking on D&I agendas. She will also be speaking from her own experience in designing initiatives for implementing such multicultural and ethnic diversity agendas. At last year’s event in Paris, fellow blogger Dorothy Dalton shared her insights on the Women in HR Tech Panel, take a read here.


I’m looking forward to what the selected female leaders will share with us at HR Tech World, not just in their respective HR and technology fields but also as role models for successful women.