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As a HR Tech World blogger I interviewed Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan of Clustreeto find out what why they are attending HR Tech Congress and the disruptHR startup zone for the first time, and their views on internal mobility and encouraging career pathways.

FAYE: Who are you and what do you do?

BÉNÉDICTE: I am Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, CEO & Founder of Clustree. I started this company in 2013 because I wanted to change my career path. In order to identify what job or industry I could switch to, I analyzed hundreds of career pathways similar to mine.  This research made me realize how useful and valuable this analysis could be to employees and even more to HR executives.

Clustree’s technology leverages internal and external data to help HR make evidence-based decisions allowing them to unleash the power of their people.

FAYE: Why did you decide to take part in disruptHRTech this year?

BÉNÉDICTE: This is our first participation in HR Tech Congress. Since Clustree was launched almost two years ago, everything went very quickly. We did our first fundraising six months after our launch, recruited a team, we are now 15 and in the process of doubling the team before the end of the year. With many clients from the CAC 40 {French stock market index} and a revolutionary solution, we think that we are a major new player of the HR tech scene and that our presence at HR Tech was a must-do.

FAYE: How would you describe the global talent market with regards to career pathways and internal mobility? And how do you see it changing?

BÉNÉDICTE: I believe that nowadays HR executives face more and more challenges that can’t be overcome without an intelligent use of data and technology: a 10% increase in turnover each year (Hays), the flight of key talent, the emergence of new jobs brought by the digital revolution… But the biggest challenges HR executives have to deal with are cloning, and siloed processes that trap people into similar jobs and prevent internal transfers and evolutions. This is even truer in European countries.

HR executives are aware of this rapid transformation that often lets them feel powerless and affects employees’ engagement. Indeed, they are starting to acknowledge the importance of data and predictive analytics in their daily activity.

Nevertheless, only few HR divisions have taken them into account in their strategy. I think that HR do not have the choice and have to change their paradigm to keep their competitive advantage.


FAYE: What is your view on the buyer market – its ability to innovate, engage and contract for new technologies?

BÉNÉDICTE: I personally think that we are pretty lucky regarding the buyer market. Since the launch of Clustree, HR executives from companies of all sizes and all industries are eager to find new solutions able to answer their daily challenges. Not only they were willing to engage with us, an early-stage start-up at the time, but also often they directly contacted us to learn more about our solution. In addition, as opposed to common beliefs, even the largest companies were able to contract with us and did it in less than a month, understanding the value of the solution we offered.

The HR buyer market is really open to innovative new technologies and is engaging with start-ups all the time.

FAYE: How do you differentiate yourself in the market?

BÉNÉDICTE: Clustree is the only solution that collects, normalizes, and analyzes internal and external data to deliver evidence-based results, promoting internal mobility and encouraging relevant transversal careers. Our HR predictive analytics solution uses more than 25 million career paths from all over the world and from more than 200 industries to provide guidance to career, recruitment and talent management departments inside large companies (> 2,000 employees).

Furthermore, what makes Clustree a unique decision-making solution is the combination of big data and HR.

Today, there are only two kind of players: process tools on one side, such as SuccessFactors, TalentSoft or SAP, and on the other side, tools using big data without focusing on HR and without delivering tailor-made results. Clustree’s positioning is revolutionary, thanks to our proprietary algorithms.

FAYE: How does your technology platform work and how easy is it to integrate?

BÉNÉDICTE: The result of our artificial intelligence gives HR of large companies the evidence they currently lack to support their decisions, and inject dynamism into people’s careers.

Our SaaS solution has 3 main features:

  • Suggesting: Clustree matches job offers and career paths with talents and candidates (internal and external), and justifies every suggestion
  • Alerting: Clustree alerts companies on the flight risk of talents
  • Benchmarking: Clustree compares career pathways, skills, education, and so on for a position.

It relies on a unique technology that combines big data (collecting, processing and normalizing millions of data points), proprietary algorithms (analyzing data and building patterns) and machine learning (analyzing feedback and customers’ use for the solution to improve on its own).

It is easy to integrate with Clustree by pushing your company data (talents and job offers) via our ad-hoc APIs or the connectors we provide for existing HRIS solutions.


FAYE: What future plans do you have for development?

BÉNÉDICTE: We plan to constantly add new features.

Two examples of our upcoming key features are:

  • The retention risk percentage explanation – today we identify flight of key talents. This feature will allow HR to understand very precisely why a talent may quit.
  • The detection of high potentials – thanks to algorithms adjusted to each client (according to their strategic HR needs), the solution will be able to identify which talent is a high potential, based on his profile, either within the company or from the pool of received resumes.

In the next 6 months we will develop the extension of our value proposition to other HR areas

FAYE: Tell me a little about the team and how they work with your clients?

BÉNÉDICTE: Our dynamic and passionate team is divided into two, half tech and half business people (COO, sales, marketing, and communication). However, we often work together. Business people know our customers’ needs better than anyone and convey these feedbacks to our tech team for them to improve the solution. No matter what department you belong to and level of direct contact with the client you have, everyone in the team is customer-centric because we believe that to develop the perfect solution and ensure an excellent service to our customers, it is teamwork. We encourage transversality within the company, because we believe that it generates autonomy and excellence.

FAYE: What would you like to achieve out of participation at HR World Congress this year?

BÉNÉDICTE: HR World Congress represents a great opportunity for us. First of all, exhibiting there will help promote our disruptive solution to an international audience. Moreover, we expect to uncover new sales opportunities and share our experiences with other HR solutions companies that we wouldn’t have meet or heard about before.

Finally, it is a good start for us to participate at this year’s Congress, since we plan to expand to the US in 2016.

More about Bénédicte

Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan is the Founder & CEO of Clustree

After her Master degree, Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, CEO and sole founder of Clustree, worked for several years in a consulting boutique. She dedicated her time advising large companies from the CAC 40 on strategic marketing, innovation and business development issues.

In 2013, Bénédicte wished to change career. In order to identify what job or industry she could switch to, she analyzed hundreds of career pathways similar to hers.

This research made her realize how useful this analysis could be to employees and even more to HR executives. Helping them manage their talents thanks to Clustree technology would considerably save them time so that they could concentrate on their core business: people




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