I can see the winners taking pictures at Eiffel Tower from my desk!

Marc is Founder & CEO of HRN, HR Tech World, disruptHR and iRecruit.

disruptHR – the Startup Awards; back for the 4th time and we have five fantastic finalists to battle it out for a chance to win the top prize that comes with a Sponsorship Package for 20,000 of sponsorship at any one of the HR Tech World Shows in 2016. Be there – we promise you won’t regret it, our past finalists (TalentBin, Appical, Apploi, Work4, Zao, Sonru and many many more) have a record of going on to do great things!

Here’s a short introduction to each of our 5 finalists …

Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan CEO and Founder Clustree

ClustreeClustree is the only predictive analytics solution, which leverages big data, to help HR make informed decisions and focus on their core business: people.

BenedicteAfter her Master degree, Bénédicte de Raphélis Soissan, CEO and Founder of Clustree, worked for several years in a consulting boutique. She dedicated her time advising large companies from the CAC 40 on strategic marketing, innovation and business development issues. 
In 2013, Bénédicte wished to change career. In order to identify what job or industry she could switch to, she analyzed hundreds of career pathways similar to hers. This research made her realize how useful this analysis could be to employees and even more to HR executives. Helping them manage their talents thanks to Clustree technology would considerably save them time so that they could concentrate on their core business: people.

Hannes Klopper CEO iversity.org

iVersityiversity.org is the European platform for online learning that enables universities, research institutions and knowledge-based companies to share a broad range of engaging and interactive courses with participants from around the globe, no matter where they are. 

HomerHannes Klöpper recently co-authored a book on the university in the 21st century in collaboration with distinguished Professor Yehuda Elkana. He holds a Dual-Masters in Public Administration from Columbia University and the Hertie School of Governance in Berlin and a B.A. in International Relations from the Technische Universität Dresden. Moreover, he spent a semester at SciencesPo Strasbourg and completed the Academy Year programme at the European College of Liberal Arts in Berlin. From 2010-2011, Hannes Klöpper was an associate at the Stiftung Neue Verantwortung, working on a project that explored impact of digitalisation on education.

Sarah Bohlmeier Co-Founder & MD Teambay

tbImagine to hear the heartbeat of your company and discover the real drivers of your employees’ motivation and productivity at work… all in real time and in less than 30 seconds a week

SarahSarah Bohlmeier is Co-Founder and Managing Director at Teambay UG She finished a BSc double degree in International Business Studies at the European Business School (Germany) and the Kedge Business School (France). Followed by a MSc in Organizational Behaviour at the London School of Economics and Political Science. Today Sarah is responsible for the people development for 3500 employees at Kühne + Nagel Germany.

Gal Rimon CEO & Founder GamEffective

GameEffectiveGamEffective is a comprehensive enterprise gamification platform. It supports sales, customer service, social collaboration, elearning and much more.


GilGal Rimon is the founder and CEO of GamEffective, a next generation gamification company. It works across enterprise applications and requires no coding for integration, offering solutions for sales, customer service and on-boarding, with clear calls to action, rich game narratives, and cross platform interaction. Prior to founding GamEffective Gal served as CEO of Ness-Gilon Global and Chief Executive Officer of Synergy at Gilon Business Insight Ltd, a Business Intelligence Provider. He has worked in the field of Information technology since 1989 with a focus on data warehousing, business intelligence, processes and analytics.

Michael Daun CEO & Founder Wellevue

WellevueWellevue is an enterprise app that shapes company culture and engages employees. Wellevue provides a scalable, visual and fun way to turn values, objectives or processes into everyday actions and behaviours. It makes a company walk the talk.

MichaelMichael Daun is the CEO & Founder of Wellevue. With over 20 years of experience from the founding companies in the internet sector as well as from being a corporate advisor and co-founder of the management consultancy Fluidminds, Michael combines expertise in both leadership and technology. With his clients and in his own companies, Michael has been an advocate of strong corporate cultures and walk-the-talk leadership. He created Wellevue to provide a more scalable way for companies to help their employees to thrive at work, whilst at the same time orchestrating organisational change and alignment with corporate goals.


Where & When is it on? disruptHR in the Louvre Area of Level 2 at HR Tech World from 12.40 – 13.50 on the 27th of October 2015! Special thanks to our sponsor Cornerstone. Be there or be square!

Big CONGRATULATIONS to all five finalists above and sincere thanks to the scores of startups who participated in the competition this year, many of whom are at the very beginning of their journey and I’m certain we will see them back in 2016.

disruptHR of course, is more than just the 5 finalists – it’s a further 25 companies who all have great solutions guaranteed to wow you and to do what it takes to meet your challenges in a fast moving world where innovation, creativity, and flexibility are the keys to winning at a time when disruption rules and HR is on the front lines. Meet our disruptHR’s and we’ve highlighted a few below to give you a taste of what you can expect to find in this years disruptHR at HR Tech World. If you haven’t already booked your place then Book Now before its’ too late! See you in Paris! Marc.

Mischa Riedo Co-Founder & Managing Director 2-create

Mischa was born in Berne, Switzerland in 1986. He entered the financial industry in 2001 through an apprenticeship at the Cantonal Bank of Berne. Upon graduating, Mischa attended Santa Monica College in California from August 2005 to June 2006. After returning from the US, Mischa rejoined the Cantonal Bank of Berne as a derivatives salestrader. Until present day, Mischa continued his career within the financial industry for renowned global banks such as Credit Suisse and UBS as a derivatives advisor as well as cross-asset specialist, advising pension funds, banks, financial intermediaries as well as ultra-high net worth individuals. He is a Chartered Financial Analyst.

Cristian Grossmann CEO and Co- Founder Beekeeper

Cris is CEO and Co-Founder of Beekeeper, the leading mobile-first platform that helps organizations reach and communicate with blue-collar workers and employees “out in the field”, in a simple, secure and cost-effective way. Beekeeper helps companies around the world the digitalize internal communication, in this way increasing productivity, enhancing employee engagement and reducing turnover costs.

Thornsten J. Gorny / Nataraj Ganapathy Co-Founders / Principal Cabaana

Cabaana is a cloud-based social platform that boosts team happiness and engagement by gamifying collaboration and interaction. Nataraj Ganapathy (Ganpy) is an energetic, focused and a well accomplished Human Capital Management practitioner with Executive, Business Development, Project Integration & Managerial experience across various industries. He is well qualified to drive resolutions for complex delivery challenges and to develop long-term business development strategies for technology oriented service organizations. He is a Mobile product visionary leading two teams in two different countries working on unique HR solutions/products. His ability to build competitive teams with eminent organizational values and to design innovative business & technological ideas gives him an edge in the HCM space. Ganpy is also a proven public speaker in the SAP community, having spoken at multiple conferences in the past.

Shane Gray VP Business Development Clinch

Clinch combines proven sales and marketing techniques with key recruiting metrics in a platform that enables employers to source, engage, and hire the best candidates. A sales and marketing expert with 20 years experience in building successful businesses, Shane is passionate about helping companies achieve sustainable growth — a journey that starts with hiring the right people. Shane holds a degree in Physics, Chemistry, and Business from Trinity College, Dublin. In his downtime, he enjoys fly fishing and sailing, has a serious appetite for good food and by extension, loves cooking, too!

Dominik Matyka Entrepreneur Goodwords GmbH

Founder/Board plista a WPP company, +200Pax, +12 countries, AdTech & Goodwords, SaaS HR / Investor in +10 companies (Ph.D. in Technology Innovation, Author: http://goo.gl/FQE3dz, Fin. EY Entrepreneur of the Year. Goodwords is the fastest and easiest way for HR pros to get independent and smart candidate references.

Barend Raaff CEO Harver

Barend is active on the crossroad between digital innovation and business innovation. How can you fundamentally change the way you do business by using new technologies? He was founder of an Amsterdam based innovation company and a Sri Lankan based software Development Company.  After working as a consultant in the field of HR for several companies he founded Harver, on a mission to revolutionize the way companies manage talent.

Peter Forbes CEO & Founder HROnboard

Peter Forbes is the founder and CEO of HROnboard, the app that has made a name for itself helping HR create and send beautiful job offers to new employees. Peter has 20 years’ experience in the HR Tech space as an HRIS and Payroll consultant, developer and product designer. He is also the managing director of Navigo, the experts in niche enterprise HR solutions. HROnboard is a cloud based employee onboarding software that helps organisations manage the job offer and new hire process.  Our mission is to be the world’s number one employee onboarding platform.

Tej Mehta Founder & CEO i-Cube

Tej Mehta is the Founder & CEO of i-Cube. His vision for i-Cube is to leverage data science for innovation, using approaches inspired through observation of natural ecosystems. The result of these endeavours is i-Cube’s first product – OWEN, an artificial intelligence platform for Organizational Network Analysis.Previously, Tej was a Vice President at Seabury Group, the largest aviation advisory in the world. As a consultant he advised clients on restructuring, strategy and operations, in over 20 countries. Tej has an MBA degree from University of Southern California. He is an aviation buff, studies human sciences, and enjoys yoga deeply. i-Cube is an innovation company that develops breakthrough products by taking inspiration from natural systems.

Sandrine Cine Founder & CEO Includeed

Sandrine founded first social enterprise at age 24 and first tech company, includeed, at age 29. Speaker at Annual Meeting of the World Economic Forum in Davos, TEDx @ IMD Business School, Global Entrepreneurship Week Geneva. Panel with President François Hollande & Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff, World Economic Forum Annual Meeting. Panel on the Future of Inclusion in Europe, World Economic Forum, Davos. Distinguished Global Shaper & Davos 50 by the World Economic Forum. Second Prize Winner & Public Choice Award, Ashoka Social Entrepreneurship Competition. Expertise: diversity intelligence, inclusion, LGBT. Includeed is a SaaS helping companies manage their workforce diversity towards better performance.

Matthieu Beucher CEO Klaxoon

Matthieu started his first company “Regards” in 2009, with only 4000 €. It was just between the iPhone and the iPad. He was convinced that those new kind of terminals had to be used to “change the way we learn”. With 4 partners, they started to work on new kind of learning solutions. Six years after, “Regards” has grown by 50% each year and is one of the leaders in France of digital learning solutions. With almost 80 people, we plan to reach 10 million € revenue by 2016. We work for l’Oréal, Thales, Sanofi, Chanel, Nespresso, CICR… Klaxoon is a collection of great ideas that facilitate interactivity within a group. Based on your content, you can propose simple, playful and effective activities: quizzes, surveys, challenges, brainstorming activities, live messaging.

Svetla Simidchieva COO maj.io

Two thirds of all hires are wrong hires. Majio seamlessly matches people to jobs based on skills, experience, personality and culture fit.


Andrew Marritt Founder Organization View

Andrew Marritt is the founder of OrganizationView, a Swiss-based people analytics practice. Andrew spent the ‘90s in management consultancy followed by the 00’s managing global HR projects in firms such as Reuters, UBS and Alstom. He learnt to program computers in the 1970s on a home computer built from a kit. Workometry allows businesses to draw deep insight from thousands of employee feedback statements – across multiple languages and in real time. We use text analytics and machine learning to give clients the confidence to target actions effectively and quickly.

Yohan Ruso CEO Praditus

Yohan Ruso is the former General Director of eBay France and the founder and CEO of Praditus, a B2B company founded with the goal of helping employees progress through the various stages of their career by helping them understand themselves better through a series of modules based on the latest psychometric profiling data and scientific analysis.Yohan is also a Board Member at Prestashop, a leading European e-commerce consulting firm that creates and manages online shopping sites and helps numerous companies develop and grow their digital strategy. Praditus is a psychometric catalyst that brings HR managers and employees together as partners, to create more fulfilling careers and high performance workplaces.

Mike Reiffers Co-Founder Skeeled

I hold a Master degree in Entrepreneurship and a second Master in International Management. It is in the last Master degree where we developed the Business Plan for skeeled.com as a final year project. The outcome was so encouraging that we decided after to launch the project and convert it from paper to a start up. skeeled.com is a job-applicant screening software, supporting recruiters in their selection process.

Reto Ruegger Co-Founder Softfactors

Reto Ruegger, co-founder and owner of softfactors, is working as the link between our HR professionals and psychologist, and the technical (IT) development team. He is also providing expert support to softfactors clients in the implementation of our hiring and assessment platform. Reto is a practitioner, certified coach and trainer, published author and marketeer. His broad experience is based on his education and practical experience as a consultant.
As a skills developer and leadership trainer and coach, Reto spent five years leading international HR projects before becoming an independent consultant, trainer and coach for executives. Softfactors is the first e-recruiting solution that matches both resumes and soft skills. Social skills and personality of candidates are matched to job requirements. With its API, it works in ATS, job boards and other systems.

Andreas Dittes Co-Founder & CEO Talentwunder

Andreas Dittes is growth hacker and passionate entrepreneur. He is co-founder and CEO of Talentwunder, a company based in Berlin that leverages social network data and big data analysis in order to help companies identify and hire the best talent worldwide. Andreas is also lecturer at Karlshochschule International University in Karlsruhe and produces innovation events and community hackathons like the HR-Hackathon in order to foster entrepreneurship, create innovation and promote new technologiesTalentwunder uses social network data (currently over 1 billion profiles) and runs big data analyses on it. This way you can search talent with a skill fit, and also see who is most likely to switch to a new job.

Stefan Einarsson Co-Founder Teqhire

Stefán is the cofounder of TeqHire.com and an Internet entrepreneur. He has over 10 years of experience within finance, technology & IT recruiting. Over the years he has acquired extensive experience in various entrepreneurial projects focusing on areas within international business, marketing & sales, procurement, business communications, business development and project management. Stefan believes strongly in entrepreneurship and the freedom to innovate by allowing new business to grow and prosper using disruptive technology. As a result Stefan is one of the founding partners and key organizers of the Startup Iceland Conference since its inception in 2012. Teqhire.com aims to become the first choice for seeking best in class employees to CTOs.  Our data-driven decision-platform efficiently finds the very best candidates to meet the rapidly growing needs of the IT industry.

Andreas Kröpfl CEO & Co-Founder VisoCon

Andreas Kröpfl was born in Villach, Austria. He finished his study of electro-biomedical engineering and physics at the technical university of Graz in 1998. During his PhD about communication theory and synchronization problems in technical informatics, he started working with Frequentis GmbH, the world leader in air traffic communication. In 2010 he found his own company VisoCon, where he started working on open videoconferencing technology as integrated solution. Visocon provides a patented secure Single-Stream-Technology and covers an extensive know-how in secure real-time communication, investing continuously in enhancing technologies to the edge of time in its research and development division.

Eelco Voogd CEO WPA

Eelco Voogd has worked over 15 years in the field of service design. His focus on delivering user centered services, built around people formed his career. Before founding his own company 10 years ago he was a managing consultant for a global system integrator. He believes that images speak louder than words and that business can increase their performance by decreasing complexity by visualizing it. In the last five years he and his founding partner established a new company that visualizes one of the last grey areas in HR: Organizational Dynamics. He loves to talk about the Maslow Pyramid of HR. Having tackled administration and recruitment it is now time to work with the DNA of organizations, teams and individuals. WPA is an international solution provider of Workforce analytics.