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Faye Holland, HR Tech World and #disruptHRtech blogger interviews Aisling Teillard CEO at Tandem HRSolutions, a new SaaS (beta) offering a new perspective on performance management.

FAYE: Who are Tandem HRSolutions and what do you do?

AISLING: We are a Dublin-based HR technology company, founded by a group of HR and technology professionals with extensive experience in Performance Management, system design and training. We are focused on transforming the way performance is managed in Organisations.

Tandem provides an objective measure of manager’s capability to provide the kind of regular, insightful feedback that accelerates performance and underpins engagement. Our product was designed to address a growing need to embrace a new era for performance management in Organisations.

Reflecting the new trends of continuous feedback and coaching, Tandem couples analytics with targeted coaching to upskill Line Managers capabilities to deliver meaningful feedback. This growth orientation will drive a high performing culture.

Coupled with our technology, we also provide comprehensive training to support Organisations adopt to these new approaches to managing people. With our training partners Global Growth Group, we can provide this implementation support across over 40 countries.

FAYE: Why did you decide to take part in disruptHRTech this year and what would you like to achieve as a result of your participation?

AISLING: disruptHRTech is an exciting milestone for our business as Tandem is relatively new to the market. As such, we are keen to showcase it to a broad audience and get feedback from strategic leaders in this field. We hope to meet new customers and bring a new perspective to those tackling the challenges of performance management. It also helps us keep updated with latest technology trends and network with our peers.

FAYE: What do you think about today’s performance management market and how do you see it changing?

AISLING: Our marketplace is centred around those with an interest in performance management, engagement and culture. While I believe that interest starts within HR, I think many outside of HR are keen to explore new tools and techniques that reflect today’s workforce and fast-changing business challenges. I believe Performance Management will transform over the coming years. For me, it is not all about the demise of Performance Management but a new era that changes the way we manage performance in Organisations. Tandem offers a really great option for that transformation, but at a pace that’s comfortable for people to change. That’s why we have ensured it can sit comfortably alongside existing Performance Management solutions while still transitioning organisations into this new era, where coaching and continuous feedback will stimulate high performance.

FAYE: Give me an example of how a customer would use your service and what kinds of benefits will they achieve?

AISLING: A customer may want to move their performance management process to a more progressive place that reflects the new trends of coaching and continuous feedback. Whatever stage they are at, Tandem provides a new solution on how they manage performance. Tandem enables a continuous flow of 360 feedback and facilitates managers to set more agile priorities for their people, all with the speed and collaboration of social media platforms. The real benefit is in the data analytics which will provide insightful analysis of the level of trust and confidence employees have in their managers’ feedback. This will demonstrate whether the feedback is making a real impact to employees’ growth and performance. What Tandem provides is not just the ability to measure the quality and quantity of feedback, but also to provide coaching prompts and tips that support leaders in building their capability in this key area.

FAYE: How does your technology platform work and how easy is it to integrate?

AISLING:  Tandem is a SaaS service, providing online capability over desktop and mobile application access.  Within Mobile we support all the primary OS available in the market today.  Tandem can accommodate all sizes of organisations, with varying readiness for integration.   For those organisations running HCM, or master data systems, they are able to create and extract the required information, and send that to our online service to our web server, for easy automated upload. For other organisations that are more low-key in their needs, a CSV file can be dropped manually in our web server and then a job processed to load.  Finally for those organisations who want our help, we can collect the file from a secure server and load it for them.

FAYE: What is your position on customisation vs. out of the box in today’s overwhelmed technology market?

AISLING: Both approaches have benefits. Primarily for me, it depends on the process you are tackling.   For payroll, a local process, often conditioned by law and workers agreements, customisation is generally the way forward.   For broader Talent processes, like Performance – out of the box, with key configuration choices for the business makes for an efficient deployment.  And for the business in the longer term it is cheaper to run and maintain, which in this technology market where you need results and investment can be limited, are big wins.

FAYE: What do you believe are pre-requisites in any new HR Tech?

AISLING: Often we introduce technology and then the technology shapes how we work. This sometimes happens gradually without full understanding and planning for the implications of the technology. I believe the full implications of the technology should be well considered in advance of implementation. The best means of achieving it is to couple the technology roll out with a full engagement programme to ensure the technology is optimised and that all implications for the organisation are considered upfront and managed in advance.

FAYE: Tell me a little about the team and how they work with your clients?

AISLING: Our team has a combination of sales, consulting, technology and HR experience.

Jim O’Brien, our Sales and Business Development Director, has been consulting in the area of performance management, leadership and employee engagement for the past 20 years, working with a broad range of global companies. He has real insight into what creates change in leadership behaviours in order to transform performance.

Clare Bonham, our CTO, moved through HR to become Telefonica’s Global Head of HR Technology. She has been responsible for the global rollout of SAP HR, and has built bespoke in-house portal solutions. Her past experience in Communications inspires her passion to create intuitive technology solutions that put users experience at the centre of system design.

Fiona Rowley had a 17 year career with JP Morgan where she was VP and Head of Financial Reporting for Ireland, as well as leading a team of over 200 in Service Delivery.  She has a passion for coaching and the impact it can have on an organisation, and is a qualified Coach.

Combined, we bring a well-rounded perspective on what can make a difference to an organisation’s culture, which allows us tailor our offering to the client’s needs. We provide a robust set of interventions to ensure that Tandem not only rolls out effectively but that it embeds in the organisation and makes a tangible impact on performance. We work with the client until they’ve seen that impact in performance and have experienced that success for themselves.

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