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Digital technology is transforming how people work and how HR supports them. Proof is in the pudding – the large vendors have often had to compete not through innovation, but rather through the acquisition of the innovators and disrupters in the industry, hence why the industry has witnessed so much consolidation in the past 3 years where the vendor market, literally by trademark, became a quarter of its size. Today, the digital start-up space is not only vibrant, it is also rampant, disruptive, and a very exciting place to be if you have the right product/service; there is a huge appetite in the market for better, faster and cheaper workforce solutions. It’s also a good time for entrepreneurs in HR Tech to take on major investors or sell.

disrupthr-logoIncreasingly, we find that our enterprise clients are more inclined and quicker to test and drop HR Tech, than suffer the affliction of working with technology that doesn’t do what it said it would do on the tin, and is glorified by an overly enthusiastic salesforce! With digital technology impacting nearly every aspect of our lives, it stands to reason that no element of work is immune to digital disruption. Digital technology is poised to decentralize talent management as an HR activity—embedding it into the fabric of everyday business. It is fundamentally changing HR as we know it, prompting major calls to action at our show over the past 2 years from influencers like Costas Markides, Jason Averbook, Thomas Otter, Naomi Bloom and Josh Bersin to name a few.

So what’s new this year for Start-ups at HR Tech Europe?

disruptHR is an evolution of 3 years of our very successful start-up competition’s iHR & iTalent and this year we have created a dedicated zone where start-ups can enjoy much more than an end of day competition. We take great confidence from the past 3 years of competitions and the success of the finalists. Apart from the 2011 Winner, which is no more, all other 17 finalists have gone from strength to strength; given the global stats that 8 out of 10 start-ups fail, it is a great testimony that our vetting procedure has been performing so far above the average!  The 2012 winner TalentBin was bought by Monster, 2013 finalist Zao acquired by Amris last month and there is the continued exponential growth of companies like Work4, Appical, etc.

This year we have developed something new; an Innovation Zone (not a pop up scheme!) where the start-up community and globally acknowledged venture capitalists, consultants, advisers, and thought leaders share their insights on the future of HR; everyone attending HR Tech Europe can join them as they step into the Zone for their exciting 15 minute show & tell sessions over the course of the 2 days.

We are also delighted to extend a warm welcome to Cornerstone OnDemand as the overall sponsor of this year’s disruptHR

Here are the experts who will appear on the disrupt HR stage:

tincupWilliam Tincup Founder & CEO Tincup & Co.
ternynckJerome Ternynck Founder & CEO SmartRecruiters
sumserJohn Sumser Principal Analyst HRxAnalysts
boormanBill Boorman Founder #GlobalTru
hamelGary Hamel Prof, Author & Founder The Management Lab
BrunoBruno Tourme Partner/ Venture Capitalist Eurohold
jonesKatherine Jones Vice President, Human Capital Management Technology Research Bersin by Deloitte
bersinJosh Bersin Principal & Founder Bersin by Deloitte
MuellerHolger Mueller Vice President and Principal Analyst Constellation Research
CorselloJason Corsello Vice President, Corporate Strategy & Marketing Cornerstone OnDemand
Caroline's pictureCaroline Mellor
 European HR Director  Axcess Financial Group
Meet these disruptive start-ups at HR Tech Europe 2014:
  • motiMind – develops a unique cloud and mobile platform concept that enables wide range of HRD and personal development products. HQ: Finland
  • SocialTalent – the world’s leading Recruitment Sourcing Training company, certifying sourcing ninjas worldwide with the Black Belt in Internet Recruitment. HQ: Ireland
  • Intunex – develops and provides a unique social business application called; Skillhive – a new way to locate, share and develop expertise within organizations HQ: Finland
  • Talmundo – a disrupter, pioneer and innovator in the area of People Management tools for Managers & Employees. HQ: Netherlands
  • Fabric – a cloud-based HR system. We simplify the mundane so you can focus on making a good team great! HQ: UK
  • Inostix – a disruptive Predictive Workforce Analytics Company of inquiring minds and 2 passionate founders who explore, probe and challenge conventional wisdom. HQ: Belgium
  • eiTalent – uses existing candidate generated text like resumes, LinkedIn profiles, cover letters, etc. to build candidates’ culture-fit reports. HQ: Texas
  • Gooodjob – provides its clients with a white-label mobile application for employees to download to their devices and access their company’s employee referral program, company news and employee benefits. HQ: Finland
  • Springest – the best way to compare and book training courses. HQ: Netherlands
  • Joberate –  recently launched the publicly available J-Index that measures job seeking behaviors of Fortune 100 employees. HQ: New York
  • Vidleos – a cloud based learning platform that is positively disrupting how organizations learn, develop and communicate with their people through the power of video.  HQ: UK
  • Recrout – combines social science and technology to match people with companies in the most sustainable way ever. HQ: Netherlands
  • Jobandtalent – an international recruitment platform of choice for over 200 leading European and global companies. HQ: UK
  • Emplo – an easy to use SaaS platform that lets all your employees stay connected and informed. HQ: Poland
  • cloudMills – solves the biggest obstacle companies have today in HR by using our data integration platform to make separate applications and processes immediately accessible to each other. HQ: California
  • 1Page – a revolutionary cloud-based human resources Software-as-a-Service platform, currently employed by leading global and US companies. HQ: California
  • Impraise – a mobile solution that allows you to ask for feedback right when it’s needed and that lets your colleagues and managers support you along the way. HQ: USA
  • Wellevue – a leading social enterprise tool for improving organizational performance. HQ: Sweden
See you in Amsterdam!