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Last week I had a chance to catch up with Yohan Ruso, former Managing Director of eBay France, who is now on his next project as the CEO of Praditus. Praditus is an online platform that enables its users to discover various aspects of their personality in a fun, interactive way through a set of tests, based on psychometrics research.

The company was founded a little over a year ago – in March 2014 – raising an impressive amount of seed funding by July that year. The product, released in December last year, is currently in its beta version but already has around 70,000 users – a striking number for a half-year old product. It is not that surprising, though. After checking out the product for myself, I was pleasantly surprised by its ease of use:

  • Registration can be completed with just a click through your social media profiles
  • Each test takes 5-10 minutes to complete
  • It is fun to go through the tests, and the information you receive is useful and easy to digest
  • It is FREE.

Emotions Test Results_Praditus

Praditus offers seven modules:

  • Motivational Drives
  • Personality
  • Logical Reasoning
  • Emotional Recognition
  • Organisational archetype
  • Stress Management Style
  • Interest at work – what do you enjoy doing?

I discovered that when it comes to logical reasoning, numerical reasoning is the strongest one for me, followed by spatial and verbal reasoning. My main archetype is ‘Innovator,’ followed by ‘Overachiever’ and ‘Diplomat.’ The next test told me that I have difficulties dealing with stress and tend to handle it as an ‘Organizer.’ My work interests in the descending order are ‘Create’ – ‘Lead’ – ‘Do’, with ‘Think’ coming in last. I got this and a lot more information in just 30 minutes. Pretty convenient!

Yohan_Ruso_CEO_PraditusAt the moment the platform targets B2C audience. However, following the completion of the beta stage (end of August) the company is switching to HR departments. I found it interesting that the CEO and the Founder of the company, Yohan Ruso, is not an HR person himself. He is a manager. During his time with eBay the company invested a lot of resources into his personal training and development. Yohan found the experience extremely rewarding – understanding your strengths and weaknesses, modes of work, type of thinking. At the same time, he felt frustrated that such valuable self-discovery is, for the most part, available only to very senior people within a company. The idea for Praditus was born.

The company wants to offer HR practitioners an easy tool to truly understand employees – what motivates them, what type of work they find the most rewarding, how each member of the company deals with stress. “When you talk to HR people, you hear that they got into this job out of passion and desire to help individuals – help them grow and be successful. Yet, most of them are stuck doing everything but that – they manage salaries, administrative jobs, litigation,” explains Yohan.

The unique characteristic of the company and its product is that everything is built around academic research – a separate department headed by Andres Davila, a PhD in International People Management and researcher in clinical psychology. The team crunches years of research into user friendly tests that would allow every employee to access self-discovery and development tools that are normally reserved for senior managers.

This tool could be a step in the right direction for those in HR frustrated by the lack of impact they have on personnel development. Great to see companies like Praditus developing products to assist with that.

So make sure to stop by Praditus’ stand at the disrupt HR zone at the HR Tech World Congress, 27-28 October, Paris!