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Alex-PACHULSKIThis is a guest blog post from Alexandre Pachulski. Alex is the Co-Founder and Chief Product Officer of TalentSoft as well as a member of the Blog Squad 2014. Follow him on Twitter.


Obviously, interviewing Gary Hamel is a great honor and privilege! Not only because I was already reading his books while preparing my PhD 15 years ago, but also because he has never stopped questioning commonly held beliefs, assumptions, mindsets and organisations. He is a kind of gold seeker, except that in this case gold is what could turn companies into a real efficient and fulfilling environment.


In his latest works, Gary Hamel challenges the roles of leaders and managers within organisations. What could be their current roles in a world where people feel they don’t have to be told what to do, but are led to achieve what they are inspired to do? In this reality, a leader is someone people decide to follow, not someone who is supposed to have a dominant dictator-like position. A manager should be there to help people to realise their full potential and become business innovators, as opposed to being guards of bureaucracy and control.



According to Gary Hamel, things will begin to change when each of us considers that he/she is free and does not depend on his manager and company. Only then will we really find our autonomy and be ready to do what we think is best for the company, independently of what we’ve been told to. After all, if we’re able to convert from a PC to a Mac, change is possible, isn’t it ? 😉