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In this interview – from HR Tech World Congress 2015 in Paris – Inga Ezera, Global Europe HR Director at RSA tells about employee engagement and how companies could attract, retain and inspire talent.

According to Inga’s viewpoint – on an individual level – everybody has a core talent in some areas of work. However, many times people are unaware of these skills that could further be developed to their full potential. On a company level, this is why HR leaders play an extremely important role in every organization: they are the ones who discover, attract and develop talent. HR should shape the mindset of workforce, and provide tools for innovative & passionate employees.

Alexandre Pachulski, Chief Product Officer & Co-founder at TalentSoft asks the right questions: How to build a company culture in which talent can contribute more effectively to the firm’s success? In what ways can collaboration be inspired to achieve an impactful synergy of our talents?¬†Find out the experts’ insights from the talk below.