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Congratulations to our 8 iHR Awards 2013 Finalist’s who will battle it out live on stage on Wednesday, 23rd October at the Okura Hotel – Amsterdam. The goal: to win Europe’s most coveted award for tech start-ups in HR, Recruitment, Performance, Social and much more!


The iHR Awards have, in 2 short years, become a must attend for all in the HR community and this year they mark our Official Opening and Welcome to HR Tech Europe. As we start the countdown to iHR in the Okura we find ourselves nostalgic as we are returning back to our HR Tech roots – our 1st event in 2011 was hosted at The Okura. This year also sees for the first time some of our sponsors co-hosting events onsite so as not to miss out on our first official kick off party!

Recognition and BIG THANKS to all those who participated in the competition. The official list is in alphabetical order below. This year’s competition enjoyed +50 NEW start-up nominations (previous years we have collectively vetted +100 Nominations) to reach a final shortlist of 8! The batphone was red hot this year and special thanks to Viki McCann, Mate Palicz and Peter Russell (+ our Advisory Board) for raising the bar once again this year.

The iHR Awards is the only competition in Europe that puts HR tech start-ups to the test, enabling them to present their ideas, products and companies at Europe’s #1 HR Conference – HR Tech Europe, Amsterdam RAI, 24 & 25th October. They will be putting their product solutions and ideas to the test in the toughest Q&A yet as they face a Judging Panel that includes some of the the World’s best Thought Leaders on Product Development,  Leading Investors and Tech Entrepreneurs, and some of last years competitors! Interested parties in 2014 please contact Mate Palicz or Marc Coleman directly.

The winner will receive a €10,000 Sponsorship Credit toward any Pan European HR Network Event in 2014.

Finalist’s benefit by showcasing to the largest gathering of:

  • HR Tech Investors, Venture Capitalists and Fund Managers in Europe
  • HR Buyers in Europe
  • HR Analysts, Bloggers, Renowned Thought Leaders and Influencers in Europe
  • Europe’s leading HR and Technology Media

I have also taken the time to offer some personal advice on how to win the competition having been an observer for 2 years – we have prepared some additional tips and guidelines for this years competition. It’s a tough job creating a pitch about your company in 5 mins and finding the time to get your idea, vision of the future and product demo across to the audience! Yes it seems impossible but it can be done, last years Winner TalentBin was pitch perfect in 4m 59sec!

The success of HR Tech Europe has been a humbling experience for the team and I, our 3rd show is now celebrated as Europe’s #1 HR Event. Despite all the hard work and long hours that go into growing a business from scratch,  we still pinch ourselves and consider ourselves in the same ballpark as many of these start-ups. We enjoy and learn so much about our industry from the competition, as much as the competitors themselves!

What I love about iHR ….. everyone in our audience has that angel on one shoulder shouting for our start-up finalists to do a great job on stage ….. and on the other shoulder, there is that devil shouting for the judges to hit our finalists with really tough questions and give them a wee bit of roasting on stage! 🙂 After all, they will need it in the real world of business.

See you in Amsterdam – Be There or Be Square!

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Our 2013 Finalists are:

Appical (NETHERLANDS) www.appical.net 

Appical delivers innovative and engaging mobile onboarding software for employees. Onboarding is one of the most critical yet most complex talent processes facing organizations today. Current software is often defined from a company-handling perspective and hasn’t evolved with the pace of mobile technology and most importantly the requirements of the new generation. Appical is different because we have been focusing on the employee to be the key to success in onboarding. Our scalable mobile learning platform (mSaaS) consists of three main components: a native mobile application that offers the best the learning industry has to offer including gamification, social features, feedback and cross-platform availability access to a web-based editor that offers our customers the unique ability to build, manage and update a wide variety of applications with their own content. Customers are able to get high quality feedback through our reporting & analytics features secure access to our cloud based server and storage infrastructure to store specific content, assets and user data

Apploi (USA) www.apploi.com 

Apploi is a revolutionary hiring app that modernizes the application process for both jobseekers and employers. Apploi makes hiring simple and accessible for all by utilizing mobile technology. In-store tablet kiosks with the Apploi app can easily capture walk-in candidate information, and the geo-location feature allows candidates to apply to open jobs near them. Apploi blends standardization and personalization. A standardized system ensures that candidates can be properly compared and personalization allows companies to focus on the specific qualities needed for each role.

ConnectCubed (HONG KONG) www.connectcubed.com  

ConnectCubed gaming technology is the next generation of candidate assessment. Read on to learn more about the 100+ years of workforce science research that makes ConnectCubed so powerful. ConnectCubed helps Fortune 1000 companies identify and assess huge quantities of applicants based on the metrics that matter – relevant skills and personality. We’ve designed a series of online games that are highly effective at sourcing and selecting top candidates, allowing firms to make better hires, every time, for less. We all have different aptitudes and personalities. Luckily, the working world needs people of different talents. Accountants need focus and mathematical reasoning. Artists need creativity and visual-spatial reasoning. Ensuring your candidates have strong intelligence and close personality matches to the daily needs of the role is a critical component of lowering turnover and selecting top performers. Get A-players. Get ConnectCubed.

Good.co (USA) www.good.co 

Decoding the science of workplace happiness. Although we’d love to say that we use a crystal ball & psychic powers to work our job matching magic, there’s actually some pretty sweet science behind what we do. We’ve combined more than two decades of solid scientific research in the field of psychometrics and evolved it to be more relevant for today.

Jobfig (USA) www.jobfig.com 

jobFig helps companies never make a bad hire again through the use of behavioral fit analysis. Our first algorithm predicts candidate-team compatibility (person-group fit), ranking job applicants based on how well they will work with the existing team.  Building on this, we’ll continue to add new algorithms to predict candidate fitness for a role and with an entire company. Eventually reaching our goal of having every person in a job that they excel at, on a team that they like, and at a company whose values match their own.

Macromicro (FINLAND) www.macromicro.com 

Macromicro develops custom applications and toolsets that visually describe hierarchies and data structures of large organizations. Our interactive organization map reveals structures, complexity, relationships, and patterns in complex organizations including companies, nonprofits, and governments. Our interactive and multivariate interface provides both a new perspective and means of understanding the complexity of your organization, but also robust tools for filtering through troves of data with instant results. Manipulate the graphs, filter the data, and ultimately make smarter, more informed decisions based on living information. Our team of business experts, technologists, and designers aim to heighten organizational efficiencies, increase institutional knowledge, and clarify the complexity associated with large, multifaceted organizations.

Rolepoint (UK) www.rolepoint.com 

Recruitment Teams need to reach candidates. RolePoint sources those candidates. You are given a powerful set of tools that help you build, manage and engage the talent that surrounds your organization. To generate personally recommended candidates, you can schedule targeted messages to your employees and talent network. Employees want to find their most talented contacts quickly. RolePoint shows them who’s a great fit and makes it easy to refer them. Your employees are given every opportunity to refer talented candidates with a suite of time-saving tools and a much more transparent referrals process. Candidates want to apply for your jobs. RolePoint gives them the best candidate experience. Whether being recommended by an employee, via your talent community or finding out through your social job distribution – RolePoint gives passive candidates a variety of channels to become part of your company. HR needs insight to make better decisions. RolePoint gives them the tools to measure and improve their processes. With a full set of actionable analytics and management tools, RolePoint gives HR control over access levels and the tools to improve how they find top talent.

Zao.com (ISRAEL) www.zao.com 

Zao’s Referral and Social Hire Platform is the easy way to make referrals and social media your most powerful source of hire. Your employees are more connected than ever, but companies often miss out on high quality passive candidates due to lack of employee engagement in referrals, and the exclusion of trusted third parties like former employees, business partners and vendors. Zao can increase engagement between 30% to 400%. Zao guarantees success – if you don’t make great hires the platform is FREE. Zao makes referrals easy and fun with automation of best practices, smart matching between your requisitions and the contacts of your employees, powerful gamification, and by extending referral rewards beyond your employees, to your trusted business network. Zao’s platform fully supports mobile devices, so your employees can refer on the go and applicants can get a better understanding of your company and engage from their mobile device.