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We live in an age of seemingly continuous disruption. With the immense growth of technology, what is new technology today will be old technology next week. And this applies to everything in our lives from our mobile phone to how we work.


HRN organizes HR Tech World to create opportunities for conversations about the world of work. How is technology driving change in the imaginings and the realities of work? And what does that actually mean?


We’ve loaded up 2 days in London this year to bring over 2k HR leaders the information and the stories of adjusting to these changes. We’re hosting over half of the largest UK companies at the event. We want our community to continue to grow and for these discussions to continue


We just wrapped up the first day and here are some highlights for you to enjoy.


Sir Ken Robinson who talked about the concept of creativity while he opened the day: what it is and how everyone can harness creative energy. In order to fulfill our potential, we have flourish where we are. This is the core of what HR does, and how HR departments are used to further the potential of employees and thus the companies for whom they work.


We are happy to announce that Textio has won HR Tech World’s disruptHR competition! Textio helps to decrease unconscious bias in texts like job descriptions. You can find a profile of them from Faye Holland here.


After an afternoon of breakout sessions, Baroness Karren Brady took the stage to discuss how to create real change in business. She laid out her 6 ingredients for success that includes: Leadership, Ambition, Determination, Attitude, Direction, and Positivity. Baroness Brady provided details on how she has maintained a culture of success in her business and her approach to work.


We wrapped up the day with a discussion on Women in Tech and a focus on creating innovation through diversity and inclusion, featuring Heidi Spirgi, Chris Parke, and Belinda Parmar.


Throughout the day, we’ve been able to discuss the present issues of HR, HR tech, and what the future may hold. From Sir Ken’s, Baroness Brady, and the panelists all discussed how potential is held in the workforce. As Sir Ken said in his talk, “Organizations are mortal.” Only through innovation and changing the status quo can we really create a positive future of work.


Now go and get some rest and get ready for another day of disruption in the world of work here at HR Tech World!