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HR Tech World London is around the corner and we’re bringing you the most informed thinkers and inspirational speakers to discuss HR, HR Tech, and the Future of Work for two days of innovation and disruption. ExCel London will be the place to be for all things HR on 21-22 March.


I’m excited to share with you a glance at our incredible speaker lineup as we head into the New Year and into HR Tech World’s most expansive year yet. We’re releasing today the first 25 of many special speakers, which you can find here.


To give you a taste of what’s to come, here are 5 presenters who I’m personally excited to hear at HR Tech World come March.


The first speaker I want to highlight is our Keynote presenter, the world-renowned Sir Ken Robinson who happens to have the most watched TED Talk of all time. Sir Ken Robinson is an author and expert on education and creative innovation who will speak on the 3 myths of innovation that prevent businesses from fulfilling their potential. He’ll discuss how companies can get past these and what are the best ways for organizations to implement innovation. Sir Ken will also give the audience his 3-tier strategy for “systemic innovation” in companies and the knowledge that leaders need to drive innovation.


Our new Diversity and Inclusion breakout track will also see speakers discussing how to embrace change and bring varied perspectives to the workforce. HR Tech World is happy to have Stéphanie Oueda Cruz, Associate Director of Diversity & Inclusion at Coca-Cola, speak in the session about disability inclusion. A passionate advocate for diversity initiatives, Stéphanie is speaking on how organizations can shed a solely able-bodied mentality to include those with disabilities. Her focus will be on how many people can be afraid of discussing this type of inclusion because of a fear of being insulting to those with a disability or misunderstanding individuals’ experiences. Stéphanie will emphasize the need to remember how local context applies to these programs as well.


With a similar stream of thought, we have Vodafone’s Global Head of Resourcing & Employer Branding, Catalina Schveninger, giving us in-depth insight on digitalizing companies’ recruitment processes to overcome unconscious bias in employment, especially as it applies to encouraging women in the workforce. Catalina will share what’s she’s learned on her digitalization in recruitment journey so far through presenting us with her 3 T’s: tech, training, and tracking. We’re especially excited to have her speak again at our show; at our 2016 London show, Catalina was one of our highest rated speakers, and her presentation this time will no doubt be as informative and engaging as her last.


Surya Mohapatra, Global Head of Talent Transformation at WIPRO, will also have a brilliant session on how learning and development (L&D) practitioners can and should implement programs based on neuroscience. Surya points out that there is the vast knowledge of how we learn, yet those who are most familiar with this research are solely based in educational fields like schools and universities. What about corporate education? How can neuroscience be used for L&D strategies in companies to optimize our work? Moreover, he’ll also get the gist of how do we train our brains to be more effective learners! We should, of course, focus on what we need to learn, but also how we learn it.


The last of the 5 speakers I want to highlight is another one of our keynote speakers, Dr. Daniel Thorniley, who is President of DT-Global Business Consulting GmbH. His presentation is a timely addition to the show, as he provides insights into Brexit and the gig economy. In the age of freelancing, how does the gig economy impact career trajectories, especially those of Millennials just starting out? Further, this is a global economic issue that isn’t just affecting the U.K. In the age of globalization, how are businesses being affected by these disruptions and changes in how we understand and do work. With 23 years as VP of the Economist and a wealth of experience, he’ll break down these complex ideas into digestible bits for the audience to think about as we continue in a time of incredible and exponential growth.


Well, there you have it! Those were just five of more than 130 speakers that we’ll be hosting at HR Tech World in only a couple of months. If you haven’t bought your ticket now, make sure you book today!


Stay tuned and keep checking the blog as we unleash more profiles of our amazing speaker line-up as we get closer to the show!