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Staffbase is built on a firm belief that everyone has the right to love their job and the company they work for, and that communication is what cultivates the shared identity that engages people and makes them more productive. Staffbase, therefore, creates own branded communications apps for its customers.


Most of Staffbase’s customer’s requirements are independent from their industry allowing Staffbase to focus on horizontal features which apply to basically all HR/Internal Communications processes. The ‘employee app’ is aimed at non-desk employees as their primary digital connection to the company.


The app includes a range of content suitable for the full employee lifecycle including onboarding, engagement, information/communication and services (like the payslip), document management – all centred around grapevine communications direct to your employees device. CEO Martin Böhringer tells me “Our client Paulaner is a wonderful case study – they replaced a paper based quarterly newsletter with the app which has resulted in 70% user rate after 3 months with every third user actively participating in the discussion”.


Martin continues “Our app can work in all verticals but we see greatest results with those companies with a lot of non-desk workers such as in production/manufacturing, logistics/transportation, health, retail, hospitality and services”. With Staffbase customers get to see the product right after the sign-up and get their own branded app in the app store within 30 days. Martin explains “Our customers have access to their account immediately. By signing up to a demo account on our website they even have access to it before signing up for a contract. The 30 days refer to the average time we see our customers need to prepare the app so that it is ready for submission and live in the App Stores.”

I certainly see some great benefits of what Staffbase has to offer and if their client Paulaner is anything to go by I believe that their presence at HR Tech World will only serve to increase their visibility in the community and introduce them to other potential, like-minded customers, partners and media.


And there are further developments in plan already for the 100+ customers in over 20 countries. Martin enthuses “Staffbase constantly improves and develops the app with feedback from our customers. The next important feature we will be adding is the ability for messaging so that employees can use their employee app to directly get in touch with each other”. When you add all this together it certainly indicates that Staffbase’s mantra of a ‘great employee experience for everyone’ is firmly on schedule.


Quick Reference

Company size: 20

Based: Chemnitz, Germany

Key customers: Siemens, Adidas, Viessmann, Paulaner

Target industries: All, particularly those with a lot of non-desk workers like production, manufacturing, logistics, transport, health, retails, hospitality, for example.

What function within HR is your product designed for: Head of OD, Employee Engagement Manager, Internal Communication specialist. Often the HR Director, CEO, COO or a line manager is the first point of contact


For more information

Website: https://staffbase.com

Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kkXmRhkOiU4

Email: martin@staffbase.com

Twitter: @staffbaseHQ @boehr

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AllEmployeesOneApp/

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company-beta/9223407/