Virpi Oinonen is the founder of Businessgoessocial.net. She wants to help people to become savvy, strategic change agents so they can introduce an enterprise social network into their organisations without stumbling on the most common roadblocks. She also creates visual content (cartoons, PowerPoint presentations etc) you can use to explain social collaboration and get buy-in internally. She will combine these into the Social Collaboration Toolkit that will out in May 2015. When not working on enterprise social networks she runs a visual communications business called Businessillustrator.com.

Why isn’t social collaboration a hot topic in the learning and development community? The case study from Xerox shows how a thoughtful approach to (digital) social collaboration can both accelerate learning and capture tacit knowledge (that’s wo birds with one stone, people!). And the case study is from a time period when enterprise social networks like Yammer were just a distant dream.

With enterprise social networks and social work processes, a learning and development professional could finally stand tall in front of senior executives and say: we can help you reach your goals.

That is huge.

Jane Hart defines social collaboration as a “sub-set of social learning that is focused around the learning that takes place from working together, and where the emphasis is on achieving business objectives, and measuring its success in business or performance terms”.

In other words, learning that has direct impact on the bottom line.

If you’ve ever struggled to justify L&D’s role within your organisation, then look into how social collaboration can boost learning in your organisation. You won’t regret it.

If you like the infographic, you can download the infographic as a PowerPoint presentation.

Virpi Oinonen