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The buzz for many of our member companies since early 2011 – BYOD Bring Your Own Device. This is a scheme where money-conscious companies allow employees to bring their own computers and devices instead of having to work with a device issued by the company.  But as with everything else in life, there are clear pros and cons to the scheme, making it a bit debatable as to whether or not the scheme is actually any good. BYOD is clearly evident and growing in our network membership, given the number and variety of very fancy swancy protection covers on the iPads at HR Tech Europe 2011!

The advantages to coming to the office with your own laptop or tablet (for example) are obvious.  It’s yours, you’ve customized the hell out of it, and you know where everything is!

Companies are often audited to make sure they are using legitimate software, genuine copies of Windows for example.  Are employees or the employers responsible for maintaining standards, can employees refuse to have their devices inspected and if punishments are needed, who is liable? In our research over the past 2 years Data Privacy and Security (more especially in Finance) has been one of the key agenda items with most vendors providing mobile solutions interlinked with learning, collaboration, performance, talent, payroll, personal details …..

Our infographic below is on the subject of BYOD and covers some member companies like Cisco, IBM,.  Do you bring your own device to work?  If so, what are the pros and cons for you?

Going BYOD

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