Marc is Founder & CEO of HRN, HR Tech World, disruptHR and iRecruit.

In light of current sporting events, likely to have taken over your normal TV viewing, I had a thought about Olympics v’s the work we do each day. Drawing on the spirit of the Olympics, to provide unknown athletes with the chance to attain national, and in some cases, international fame, the same can be applied to our network as we strive to discover the real champions of our industry.

Summertime like Christmas time, we find in our business people’s spirits are raised, especially now with the Olympics one can sense that not only are spirits lifted, but also a sense of national pride and unity. Here in Hungary the 84th most populous country in the world, they have enjoyed sitting in the Top 1o of the medals table. My homeland Ireland is edging closer to a medal. I think any sniff of a medal and the island will likely experience unprecedented seismic activity! I find myself blaming the weather (as we do in Ireland) as a deterrent for a stronger Olympic presence – the national sports in Ireland Hurling and Gaelic Football not recognized as Olympic sports unfortunately ;o).

As for our “HR Olympics” pursueing key agenda items for most HR Departments in Europe (Talent, Mobility, Big Data, Speed/Agility, etc), you will enjoy a growing line-up of innovators, experts and our iHR 2012 Awards nominations are currently battling it out behind closed doors (we have some fantastic demo’s and video content!) WELL DONE TO ALL INVOLVED!

HR Olympics 2012 = Amsterdam Oct 25-26!

Olympic Preparation! Understanding the HR Landscape and Competition: By better understanding an ultra-competitive market of HR events & copy cat/wannabe networks, often conference organizers big and small that offer little or no value to participants by way of new & exciting knowledge sharing, learning and networking. I believe knowing the failings of an entire industry (greed, narcism & idiocy) – dominated by what we see as factory-driven events. Knowing this, has motivated us like miners looking for gold or oil, to find the very special people and mine out the best stories & experiences in our industry, BIG THANKS and respect to the networks founding fathers: Thomas Otter, Rob Visser, Euan Semple, Henrik Ranzau Hansen, Richard Mutter, Andy Moffat, Anna Simioni, Luis Suarez, Josh Bersin, William Tincup, Jerome Tyrnyack, Peter Hinssen, Karel Leeflang, Matthew Hanwell, Nick Holley, to name a few and introduce us to many new faces again this year to include Naomi Bloom, Heiko Fischer, Simon Linares, David Wilson, Andy Boyd, Sarah White, Eric Van Delden, Mark Martin, James Purvis, Stowe Boyd, Roel Dummont, Daniel Hernandez and many more!

So, who are the HR Olympians 2012?

Gold Medal = The Network! (Athletics)

We (The Pan European HR Network) are still working to our Good, Bad and Ugly philosophy … more than ever before we are motivated to find and work with good-great people! The champions of the industry! A great cross section of industry verticals are again sending their best people to this year’s flagship HR event in Amsterdam.

Testimony to the speaker line-up, learning and networking opportunities? Many of whom we consider the World’s Greatest HR Organizations not speaking on this year’s program, are sending their leadership and project teams including – Statoil, BAT, MARS, ABB, GE, HSBC, Coca Cola, … to name a few!

Silver Medal = Speakers & Agenda! (Track & Field)

  • HR Superstars! The best sprinters and long distance runners in Europe and US visit our growing SPEAKERS Page
  • Plenary is a celebration of the New Normal for HR with some of the best keynotes & case studies from across the globe
  • Next Gen Talent 2.012 (5th Installment!)
  • Social Enterprise 2.012 (2nd Installment)
  • Ask the Expert Sessions x 2 Days!
  • Social Networking Tools (NEW).
  • 2 Exhibition floors of Who’s Who in HR Technology
  • Private Meeting Rooms (+50 Tables)
  • The BEST Blog Squad in the World!
  • +25 Media Partners
  • +40 Dinner Parties and Pre-Events (That we know about!)

Bronze Medal = iHR 2012 –

HR Tech Start-up Competition (100 Meters)

HR Superstars and industry disrupting entrepreneurs will battle it out on stage for this year’s 2nd Annual iHR Awards! A fantastic line-up of judges are now secured for 2012 and the team is putting the definitive touches to our Investor Category. This year we have spliced the DNA of the judging panel somewhat,  where we have created 4 elements/categories of judges, (1) investors, (2) analysts, (3) practitioners and (4) last year’s finalists. A fantastic  opportunity for HR Tech Start-ups – visit iHR 2011 for references from last year’s finalist’s. Jerome Ternynck a champion of start-ups,  CEO and Founder of one of the most exciting start-ups in HR Technology – SmartRecruiters the “FREE”!! … and easy recruitment software company! Free & Easy …. 2 words not usually associated with recruitment!

Marc Coleman is director of the Pan European HR Network. You can connect with Marc on twitter @HRNEurope or via LinkedIn. Recent productions include: HR Tech Europe, Next Generation Talent, iHR Awards and Social Enterprise. To build good-smart connections please visit the Pan European HR Network’s Groups on Linkedin (EMEA HR Directors, Pan European HR Network, Strategic Talent Management and HR Tech Europe & Social Enterprise). Do you have Facebook App on your smartphone? Like our Facebook Page for news updates from our community!