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I don’t think my team and I have ever worked so hard in our lives and we’ve all got war stories to compare, so it was just-reward to receive overwhelmingly positive feedback (despite doing our best this year there are still lots of areas that need improving for 2013 and we’ve taken lots of new ideas from this year’s experience). We have decided therefore, to lift the bar much higher for HR Tech Europe 2013! My first message of thanks must go to the HR Tech Europe team onsite who helped bring all of this together; Viki, Peter, Roman, Brigi, Pawel, Dorin, Mate, Richard, Sanjay and Claire and all the staff in Amsterdam. The team were pure magic last week and without, its very unlikely that we would have such motivated and happy customers! BIG BIG THANKS to all our customers, partners, speakers and bloggers (My new litmus test for happy team and customers is: big smiles, smiling eyes, heavy handshakes, greeting kisses and big bear hugs). The mix of hard work and celebration has left over half of my team sick with flu, so kindly ask for you patience throughout the week in responding to mail, calls, etc.
We brought our message to the world. Last year our bloggers (Oscar, Geoff, William, Johnny, Peter G, … you know who you are!) inspired us to do much more with social and twitter this year. I think that inspiration worked a treat (we have some additional ideas to take it to the next level for next year!). The Numbers speak for themselves so BIG THANKS to SDWorx for being brave enough to become our first twitter sponsor ever, I think first twitter sponsor of any HR event in Europe. My view and theory for this year, if there is 900 people in the room there are 900,000 outside the event on social networks looking in the window … and in the year of “BIG DATA HR”, this year’s twitter analytic’s support the theory!

Twitter Session summary!

  • Duration : 48 hours
  • Tweets per hour : 275
  • Total users : 1242
  • Total reach : 3 170 354 people
  • Impressions: 19,754,349

Event Numbers!

  • Truck to send all our equipment to Amsterdam: 1
  • HR Tech Europe Team Size: 15
  • Number of Countries Represented: 39
  • Sponsors: 45
  • Speakers: 71
  • Final Attendee Headcount (After Cancellations): 898
  • Number of Employees represented +8,797,381

Other interesting numbers!

220kph at 10am Day 1, is the speed at which I drove the Ferrari Testarossa (apparently keeps going faster after clock speed 290kph!) BIG THANKS Infor and Gert for the spin! If I wasn’t awake at the morning registration, I was after this! The itching question I find myself asking – what will happen in Year 3 (2013)!

I think the best number for me is 8,797,381 – this is the number of employees represented by leaders/companies attending HR Tech Europe 2012.  So lets for arguments sake, call the number 9 million. Our cause is motivated by promoting and finding the best information on the future of work, democratization, transparency, transformation, enabled (-ment), optimization, etc., my realization is that the more companies we can influence through our network, our network is not only different in look and feel, this is a number that truly has the power to change, make a difference and disrupt the HR marketplace in Europe forever. I only really considered the number when browsing the delegate list before the event. It’s a provocative number, a call to action to all in our community. It’s also very exciting when you consider our plans for 2013! I mentioned to a few people at the conference this year – we are all together very fortunate to be in this exciting space, when you look around at everything else happening in Europe, its also our collective responsibility to stand up, lead the way and truly make a difference!

Most retweets from HR Tech Europe 2012? Josh Bersin Wins with 25! (Last year’s highest number of retweets was 8!)

Day 1 (HR Tech Europe on twitter)

25 RT @Josh_Bersin: #hrtecheurope +850 guests expected at 2nd Annual HR tech Europe. 9 million employees represented

14 RT @hrmagazine: If you want to change your culture you must empower your manager says directline HRD @markmartin #hr #hrtecheurope

11 RT @hrmagazine: A linkedin profile contains more info on you than your own HR system says @thomasotter @thomasnewcombe  #hrtecheurope #hr

10 RT @bduperrin: Human capital is like financial capital: can increase or decrease depending on how it’s leveraged. #hrtecheurope

9 RT @talemetry: “There won’t be ‘mobile technology’ in three years…there will just be ‘technology.” @imsosarah #fact #HRTechEurope

Day 2 (HR Tech Europe on twitter)

18 RT @HRBuilders_be: Companies do not need org charts anymore, they need network behaviour! #hrtecheurope @hinssen http://t.co/FgQtxMJp

16 RT @elsua: V.U.C.A. = Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity, Ambiguity = the new reality of the business world & societies #hrtecheurope

11 RT @bduperrin: @elsua: “I’m declaring war on email, powerpoint, meetings and everything that does not make me productive” #hrtecheurope

9 RT @hrmagazine: Work is no longer a physical team or a physical place: It’s a state of mind @elsua #HR #hrtecheurope

9 RT @James_Mayes: “Innovation is more about mindset than technology” #hrtecheurope

iHR 2012 Award for HR Tech Start-ups was won by TalentBin a search tool that helps you find candidates where they’re active online, based on their skills, interests, and actions – which is pretty cool because it offers a time stamp on interests, influence ( …. and of course there is the very real issue that most people don’t fill in their LinkedIn profile or Facebook correctly/fully – which is why LinkedIn is chasing you for skills and endorsements currently!) TalentBin has great potential going forward and the deserved winner in my opinion and well done to the other 5 finalists for putting the challenge up; Sciomino, Small Improvements, GooodJob, Hunite and Intunex. Revenge for our American Audience? The Judging Panel was mostly European – seemed sweet revenge for Thomas Otter’s remarks much earlier in the morning session (I think he gave an 8 to TalentBin, a Zero would have won it over for Europe again!). So, the competition in it’s second year and now stands at Europe 1: America 1. In the meantime, someone’s suggested we should keep it European, keen to get others views on this, my personal view is that we should be chasing the best start-ups in the world.

BIG THANKS to all our 2012 Sponsors with Special Thanks to Oracle, Workday, NorthgateArinso, SuccessFactors, Raet, ADP and IBM all of whom offered us fantastic support, allowing us to fulfil our goals and objectives for 2012. I also received overwhelming feedback from our buyers and delegates onsite that the sponsors booth’s, staff, service and live demo’s were very impressive. Next year, there will only be two networking floors (Ground Floor = Exhibition only and on the 1st Floor branded one on one meeting areas. This was welcome news at the event last week – the event will take place in the RAI Auditorium (The Building Next Door to 2012) which has triple the capacity and scope of this year’s event, again it will take place on the 3rd Week of Oct, so mark your diaries! Some people have asked for a change of location – for this reason you can enjoy London Spring Warm up in March. However, do note that this our flagship event  HR Tech Europe 2013 will remain in Amsterdam (Week 3 October) for the foreseeable future – overwhelming feedback from the network wishes it to stay put.

BIG THANKS to our 2012 Speakers – Our blog squad and media have done all the reporting here and led by Jon Ingham on stage as MC for the second year running – I think everyone will agree being MC is a tough Job for 1 day and Jon’s managed to keep it together for 2!  Well done Jon, great job! I didn’t see all of the sessions as my role at the event is to try and keep the networking floor happy. I did grab a few sessions and have been in this business long enough to know that Naomi Bloom, Peter Hinssen, Thomas Otter et al. grabbed enough cats by the tail to keep the place awake! Naomi even beat up the CIO of one of our major customers! Click on the speaker names above to get an interesting mind-map of thoughts from David Wilson (thanks David)! or if you wish to see a harvest of the social enterprise event take a look here. Apologies to all people who could not get into those sessions. We did receive complaints on bigger room needed, it must be said though we did advertise beforehand limited seating available, and the idea was think tank and interactive. SOLD OUT plus everyone squishing in doorway obviously takes that away. Next year, I think we need to take the next step, our members need to be more diligent in which speaking sessions they book (if you book late – you snooze and you lose!). I will put a big butch scary fellow (scarier looking than me) on the door, the kind who will not be argued with, if the session is full and you are not registered in advance. Might be interesting to put a spy-cam outside the door!

BIG THANKS to our 2012 Blog Squad! My personal apologies to our bloggers for losing your blog room to one of our partners and thanks so much for making do with the sound proof booths. I promise you the difference in 2013 – watch this space!

EXTRA SPECIAL THANKS! You know who you are – you are the special ones, who have helped us build this network – you cannot be named, otherwise our competitors will continue to hound you with calls!

I met another special person at the event this year Heather Bussing, thanks so much Heather! She took some fantastic photographs for us, CLICK HERE for some of the happy faces at HR Tech Europe 2012. SuccessFactors hosted their successful series of HR Confessions at this years event which can be found on YouTube and Vimeo and if you would like to see a summary via Prezi CLICK HERE!

So we promised to double up and we promised to put on more of a show, I think the team and our sponsors achieved a fantastic result, given the fact that we are surrounded by a never-ending Euro-crisis, makes it extra special. I have had overwhelming feedback from my team on conversations they’ve had and found myself saying “no way” to nearly all of them. It seems a long ways back but only 2 years ago (exactly in a couple of weeks) at Chelsea Football Club (am a Liverpool Fan) in London when the HR Tech Europe idea was born before coming to life in January of last year.

We have a long list of things to improve, a long list of new ideas, a long list of new friends to work with … I think we picked up on most feedback from the exhibition floors, speaker programs, registration, social, meeting rooms, competition, badges, breakouts and we invite your feedback to help us with 2013.

Plans for 2013? Venue’s are all long booked and we are currently hatching new plans and exciting ideas, please come back here in 3-4 weeks, all will be revealed! Sincere thanks from all the HR Tech Europe Team, we hope you all got home safe & sound, and not missing us too much!

Presentation DOWNLOADS can be found on our social network. If you have forgotten your password you can retrieve a new one on the network (not from us). See below some screen-grabs on what to do or simply visit  “Schedule” -> “Materials”-> select session(s)-> download Click on schedule sessions or materials – most sessions are there, some sessions are missing – they need further approval or in very few cases cannot be shared publicly. As soon as we have them, we will make an announcement each time we add a new session/ppt.

HR Tech Europe 2012 Social Network – Powered by ADP
The Swag at HR Tech Europe 2012!

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  • Marc: this is a wonderful recap and extremely thorough post, even for those who weren’t lucky enough to make it to Amsterdam. I can’t thank you and your team enough for putting on such a fantastic conference – the conversation, connections and community were invaluable, and I can’t wait to be a part of the 2013 event (and highly encourage any global HR practitioner or business leader to attend, too). Thanks again for all your hard work – the sweat equity definitely paid off for those lucky enough to be in attendance.

    Matt Charney

  • Ulli Pesch

    To your comment on keeping it European: Well, was it really European, only, this time? Not really, I´d say, since e.g. the iHR winner TalentBin is a US company and some of the experts also are US Americans.
    I still and of course, would say you should keep it European – at least regarding the sponsors/exhibitors, since if someone is not visible in Europe, it doesn´t really make sense to show up there – except the company want´s to expand to Europe in the near future. But still the analysts and thought leaders can and should be there, no matter where they come from…

  • Thanks Matt looking forward to catching up next week!

    Ulli I know this is a concern, I actually had same opinion on both sponsors and iHR competitors earlier last year. Mostly an opinion based on others feedback and experiences, not my own.

    On sponsors – Thomas touched on this aswell re American vendors so for anyone that was there you probably have a smile on your face no matter which side of the Atlantic you sit on. My experience is that there are lots of US vendors planning EMEA entry and are picking up some of their best customers in Europe – so its a good playground for them to get to know who’s who – not all solutions being bought at our event have to consider language/culture. On iHR, I hear your point. Do note that last year we had 2 US based company involved as finalists and one of the 6 is relocating to The Valley ;o) My personal view is to keep the competition global to make it more competitive (one company was also from Middle East this year) That means we are sourcing the best startups in the world and remember its a mostly European judging panel (+14) whom voted in TalentBin! Our members are global companies, it raises the bar for the competition and ultimately it makes it more competitive for the competitors – both in terms of the product demo and how they perform on stage – they need to sell their ideas and product. If they don’t get their message across to our audience then they know afterwards what its going to take and ultimately, what they must do to be successful/survive. It really is a great opportunity for startups, I also believe its dangerous for startups to get on stage – so well done to each finalist for braving it! We also had “applicants” from Asia Pacific this year but they didn’t make the cut. Most of applicants are EMEA startups. Its also worth noting that it is difficult even from +100 applicants to find real disrupters. The final 6 deserved to be there, TalentBin deserved to win and I think the other 5 finalists will tell you – they learned so much from this process (Creating 5 min videos for application process alone is a massive awakening/job/undertaking – actually most startups should do a 5 min video!) I think they have taken many ideas on how to take things forward from their fellow finalists, the audience and the judges. Also for us finding disrupters for 2013 against the 12 great finalists we had in 2011 and 2012 (hard act to follow!!). Will bring this up on our next meeting so thanks for the feedback.