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Social media is always an essential part of sharing ideas and engaging the audience at HR Tech Europe. Thanks to such outlets as Twitter, Facebook, Vine, Instagram and others even those not at the event get the feel of the speed, engagement levels and the learning happening during the two days. It should come as no surprise that #HRTechEurope was the 9th most trending hashtag on Twitter during the two days of the event.

Over 11,000 tweets were sent out in the week leading up to and during the event and scrolling through them at this point would take one a full day. To save you some time we decided to share some of the best ones with our readers along with a selection of articles prepared by our Media Partners and members of the Blog Squad who took upon themselves the task of sharing valuable insights and take-aways with their audience.



Here are a few articles we would recommend reading that cover various aspects of the event. This list is far from exhaustive, and we would like to thank our Media Partners and the Blog Squad for the insightful and engaging articles before, during and after the event.

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