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Fosway Group’s HR Realities Survey 2015 starts to shed light on buyers’ drivers for changing their HR Systems


As buyers we know that dissatisfaction is often the key driver for changing supplier, and good customer service is often what keeps us coming back again and again.

But, from the initial responses to our HR Realities Survey 2015 (which is still running), there are already some very interesting insights that should make suppliers nervous, even those who apparently very satisfied customers.

The reason – quality of service is not front and centre for customers when they are thinking about changing HR systems.  From our initial survey results, less than 10% of our respondents say dissatisfaction with their current provider is a critical driver for changing their HR systems.

In many ways, great quality service appears to be expected as a given.  For vendors, what you also need to be doing is equally fundamental as service excellence – providing customer with what they want!

So, what are the critical drivers for changing systems?  What do customer want from their HR Systems providers?

Overwhelmingly the “critical” drivers behind changing platform are ease of use (47%), business agility and flexibility (38%), and analytics capability (32%).

Just looking at one of these, systems ease of use – prompts interesting challenges for solutions providers and buyers alike.

For vendors the challenge is – if you haven’t been focused on the usability of your systems, and offering a “modern”, dare I say, “Consumer grade” user experience, you’re at high risk of losing customers.


For buyers the issue is – how do you really assess ease of use?  Especially as ease of use was probably not the critical criteria used to select HR systems in the past! To do so properly requires a level of presale evaluation through user cases, end user engagement and transaction benchmarking that will significantly add to the buying process.  Perhaps more thorough evaluation than has been done before in previous HR procurement approaches.

And with so many looking to change systems within the next 2 years… the clock is clearly ticking for everyone…

As I said, the survey is still running, and there are lots more insights into HR Budgets, HR Organisation, Cloud HR, C-Suite Perceptions, HR Priorities and HR Systems drivers to share.  If you would like to get FREE access to the full report when it’s published, in time for the HR World Congress in Paris in October, all you need to do is complete the survey using the following link.


Besides FREE access to the report, everyone who completes the survey before 30th June 2015 will also be entitled to a 25% discount for their event Pass for HR Tech World Congress on 27th & 28th October in Paris, which features Sir Richard Branson as a key note speaker.  (Naturally the discounted event Pass is subject to HRN Europe’s terms and conditions.)