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As a HR Tech World blogger I interviewed Michael Daun of Wellevue to find out why they think the disruptHR startup zone will put them in front of brave HR decision makers, and how culture can be harnessed to improve engagement, transformation and the image of the company.

FAYE: Hi Michael, tell me a little about yourself?

MICHAEL: I’m a serial entrepreneur with a passion for company culture. That has led me to become the CEO/founder of Wellevue, whose vision it is to make 50 million people have a greater day at work.

FAYE: Why did you decide to take part in disruptHRTech this year?

MICHAEL: Because the transformation of HR by technology, is almost as interesting as HR itself. Our app is viewed as a new, innovative concept and we pair well with open and brave decision-makers. HR Tech attracts an unusually high density of these. disruptHRTech should be getting lots of interest this year and we are ready to be part of it.

FAYE: You seem to be tackling a number of the buzz areas for HR at the moment – employee engagement, L&D, employer branding etc. – why do you think these areas are so important?

MICHAEL: Companies are increasingly asked to deliver more for less. And thrive in change at the same time. Having the talent and culture to maintain that ability is the ultimate asset. Companies are keen to turn desired behaviours into action, and we are trying to make that happen through social contagion in networks. Since our solution is fun, social and image based, it can impact on engagement, transformation and the image of the company.

FAYE: Who are your principal ‘buyers’ and then who are the ‘users’ – is there a profile?

MICHAEL: Our ideal buyer is the people who are ultimately in charge of the company culture or involved in shaping it.  In some companies this is HR/COM, in others it is HRLD or the company’s CEO. The user of our app is anyone and everyone in an organization, including all functions, locations and generations. Whilst millennials are often seen as natural users, we see many other different user groups getting hooked as well.

FAYE: What is your view on the buyer market – its ability to innovate, engage and contract for new technologies?

MICHAEL:  We are in the privileged position to work with companies who are looking for cutting-edge solutions to their needs, and these companies are very innovative and tech savvy. We find them in almost all sectors. The general market is also changing fast. When we started many companies were worried that not all of their employees had smartphones. Today we meet companies who are looking for apps for almost everything.

FAYE: Can you share with us the highlights of the features of the app?

MICHAEL: The highlights of our app are the use of missions and images to shape and show desired behaviour in organizations. It gathers all actions on a company “mood board” that shows the company in a whole new light. Also important is the ability to customise Wellevue to in both looks, content and features to a company’s current objectives.

FAYE: What are your plans for expansion?

MICHAEL: Our current focus is Europe. However, we hope that our partners will soon open doors for us to the Asian markets.

FAYE: You attended HR World Congress last year, so what would you like to achieve out of participation this year?

MICHAEL: More customers, more partners and more attention of course! But also importantly, we hope companies will seek us up to discuss their needs and so we can explore together what Wellevue could do to help them reach their objectives.


More about Michael

Michael Daun is the CEO / founder of Wellevue. With over 20 years of experience from the founding companies in the internet sector as well as from being a corporate advisor and co-founder of the management consultancy Fluidminds, Michael combines expertise in both leadership and technology. With his clients and in his own companies, Michael has been an advocate of strong corporate cultures and walk-the-talk leadership. He created Wellevue to provide a more scalable way for companies to help their employees to thrive at work, whilst at the same time orchestrating organisational change and alignment with corporate goals.


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