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Faye Holland, HR Tech World blogger talks to Sarah Bohlmeier and Ahmad Moalla – Co-Founder of Teambay about their views on the the role of employee surveys in the business world today and why they are part of disruptHRTech.

FAYE: Who are you and what do you do?

TEAMBAY: Teambay is a tech-solution to traditional employee surveys. We took it to the next level and created a real-time tool. What does this means? We ask employees questions about their well-being and satisfaction at work once a week, giving management and HR the opportunity to react to their employees’ needs and concerns right away. Traditional surveys take a long time to be filled, collected, analyzed and consolidated. This means that companies bring solutions to employees’ needs long after the need existed. Of course, sometimes these needs remain for longer than a couple of months, but in an ever changing world this rarely is the case.

FAYE: Why did you decide to take part in disruptHRTech this year?

TEAMBAY: Well, it is one of the most significant events for the HR tech world. Moreover, the topic “unleash your people” totally fits our company credo. We want to help companies to set their employees’ ideas and innovative forces free. disruptHRTech will enable us to get to know interesting people, discuss current topics in HR, develop our product and ideas further and set up a global network.

FAYE:  You clearly believe the world of work is ready to adopt employee engagement surveys again – what has been your customers’ main requirement for embracing teambay?

TEAMBAY: One of the main aspects that makes teambay interesting as a service is the ease of use. We give managers and HR departments an insight into their organization that would normally cost them lots of time and money. Moreover, our customers appreciate that the results and feedback reflect the real-time needs, ideas, concerns and wishes of their employees. They can deal with problems directly. And to be honest, a lot of the issues that arise can be solved rather quickly.

FAYE: Who are your principal ‘buyers’– is there a profile?

TEAMBAY: To be honest, there is no profile. Our customers are very diverse, just as their employees. Of course, a certain affinity for technology is a common trait, just as well as the interest and making their company a better place to work and perform. However, the companies themselves are different to the core.

FAYE: How does your technology platform work and how easy is it to integrate?

TEAMBAY: Privacy and security are the essence of our technology. Teambay is focused on reliability. We deal with very sensitive data. Therefore, we are investing a lot in building a secure, trusted platform for both employees and managers. At the same time, we keep a big focus on the ease of use and on maintaining a great user experience. Even though the underlying technology is very complex, it is at the core of our product to make organizational development a process that starts at the heart of the company. Consequently, it is also very easy to integrate teambay. Once an employee list is uploaded, the automated system kicks in. Management receives preparatory e-mails, they inform their employees about teambay and the coming Friday the first question will be send. Every week, the management is provided with a detailed analysis, real-time feedback and benchmarking data – all without investing more than an employee list.

FAYE: What future plans do you have for development?

TEAMBAY: We are constantly working on our product. The greatest focus is always on the ease of use. We want to give our clients an all-round solution for their organizational development. Therefore, we develop not only a service that helps identifying and analyzing organizational problems, but we are also working on easily implemented real-time solutions. For example, if an employee is not fully aware of his/her responsibilities at work, the company can send a clarification document to the employee and his supervisor. This allows an easy review of the expectations and kicks off a development process. So, in general, automation is a big topic. However, we are also constantly improving our analytics, allowing for more detailed reports and specific analysis.

FAYE: Are you seeing differences across Europe? Around the globe?

TEAMBAY: Employee engagement is a global topic and our clients are from all over the world. Yet, especially in Europe we deal with a demographic change that leads to a change in company culture as well. The so called “war for talent” requires companies to adapt to the young workforce’s needs and wishes without leaving the existing employees behind. This is a balancing act. However, in general companies, whether in Europe or around the globe, realize that in order to be productive they need to take care and listen to their employees.

FAYE: Tell me a little about the team and how they work with your clients?

TEAMBAY: The most important thing about our team is that we are so very passionate about the product. We all believe that it is simply great and most meetings turn into brainstorming sessions on how to improve it further. Yet, we are all very focused and determined to not only give employees around the planet a voice in their organizations, but also to give management the chance to make their company more productive and profit from ideas that emerge from within. This passion and determination is also dominating in how we deal with clients. We want our customers to have the best possible experience with our product and we want to make it work for their culture and mindset.

FAYE: And finally, if you were talking to potential clients what do you think is key to having a successful business today?

TEAMBAY: In a world that is more and more dependent on technology, the key to success lies within the people. Only companies that are able to retain their talent and offer an attractive workplace will have the competitive advantage that makes the difference. Especially when looking at generation Y it becomes clear that companies need to adapt with tech solutions that fit their employees requirements and give management the chance to profit from innovate ideas and thoughts.


More about Sarah and Ahmad

Sarah and Ahmad are the founders and managing directors of teambay UG. Before teambay, Sarah finished a BSc double degree in International Business Studies at the European Business School and the Kedge Business School. Followed by an MSc in Organizational Behaviour at the London School of Economics. She is now responsible for the people development for 3500 employees at Kühne + Nagel Germany. Ahmad was head of international product at Bonial Group, expanding into different international markets from Russia to Brazil and USA. Ahmad holds a dual-degree in computer engineering from Otto-von-Guericke University & Wadi International University in addition to a graduate advanced project management studies at Stanford University.




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