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Our 4th installment of HR Tech Europe is just around the corner next month – with so much to choose from over 2 days in Amsterdam it will be easy for some people to get lost due to their hectic schedules. So over the coming weeks, I will do my best to connect some of the dots for our audience at HR Tech Europe 2014 – you can also visit the agenda / program page.

One of the golden nuggets that I quickly picked up on by way of wording in the agenda for this years conference was the word – “Smart” and it’s also been the theme of this weeks training at HRN – Smart Work.

Gary Hamel the world’s greatest strategist on business and leadership is our … wait for it …. “Closing Keynote” on Day 2 and Gary will also be involved in our new disruptHR Zone for start-ups. Yes that’s right we keep the best for last, which is why I am mentioning it first! Gary hopefully is going to send everyone home to their families on the right note, with some new realism and perspective on reinventing technology for HR.

A Touch of Google

google_logo_3D_online_hiresWe have managed to build a formidable relationship with Google over the years – I have been a long time admirer of their POP’s department especially People Analytics – this is ever before anyone started coining phrases around Big Data HR. More especially we feel a strong affinity as Laszlo Bock – the SVP of People at Google – is of Hungarian origin and most of the HRN team live in Hungary. But also more than that Laszlo Bock and Google featured in one of my early blog posts back in early 2011. Project Oxygen: Google HR.

This year we are taking our partnership with Google to new heights. I believe HR Tech Europe may be the first major HR event globally at which Google are showcasing and they are going to add the “google” touch to some of our networking area upstairs en route to the Break-out rooms.  Google will have “Work the Way You Live” as a theme for their display – be sure not miss an opportunity to step into the future on their stand and experience it’s interactive home / office.  We also have 3 Googlers spread across the 10 conferences and think tanks throughout the RAI campus over the 2 days. What Smarts are Google bringing to the event? This is what they have shared with me “Work is more than calculating profits, balancing supply & demand or pushing paper. Work is people coming together to dream, create, hack, hustle and make. People should connect easily to share ideas, develop them together and get things done from anywhere. Technology should make work easier and faster, not harder. It should get out of the way so that our ideas have space to grow and inspiration is free to strike at any moment. When we use the tools that make our lives easier, we can do our best work. Work has gone Google!”

It is great to have a large Google delegation coming to HR Tech Europe this year to demonstrate how Google see the future of work – that will I believe cover everything from the consumerization of workplace technology, the solutions born out of Google’s own experiences, the Google approach to the world of work, and the applications and technologies they develop – Glass, Android, Hangouts, Drive etc. etc.  Millions of us already use Google at work in a variety of ways …..

The French Connection

This year we have 2 of France’s finest champions, both now based in US one on either coast, Jerome Ternynck of SmartRecruiters on the West and Yves Morieux of BCG on the East Coast. Jerome Ternynck CEO & Founder of SmartRecruiters is a mountain in our community, one of those people continually evangelizing and a true captain of the team causing the positive and massive disruption we have seen in the recruitment/talent industry over the last 4 years. Jerome is doing a Main Stage duet with Elaine Orler President of Talent Function on The Great Power Shift in the Workplace.

Yves Morieux our opening keynote for HR Tech Europe 2014 is Managing Director of The Boston Consulting Group and will share and bring to life his rules for HR Smart Simplicity! Yves is  going to get our audience thinking on 3 questions and we will share some of the smart rules and new insights specifically for HR and Leadership.

  1. Why do people feel so miserable and disengaged at work despite the unprecedented sophistication of human resource management practices? Because today’s businesses are increasingly and dizzyingly complex — and traditional pillars of management are obsolete, says Yves.
  2. Why is productivity so disappointing despite all the technological innovations, including in the information and communication technologies?
  3. Why are managers working so much, harder and longer, but adding so little value?

The theme for the opening keynote is also going connect with Gary Hamel’s closing keynote title – Management 2.0: Business Strategy for the C21st Organization.

The French connection doesn’t just stop with Jerome and Yves either!  We’re truly delighted to welcome several of France’s leading companies to the speaker line-up this year – Danone, Keolis, Air France, Sanofi, Louis Vuitton, Société Générale, and L’Oréal.

More than Smart

We’ve continued our policy of investing in bringing innovation and challenge to the agenda and 2014 is no exception – the highlights will be many. Here’s just a few:

R. Ray Wang will be talking about the digital revolution, the disruption it is bringing to the world of work, and the massive transparency that is now endemic and challenges an often ill-prepared corporate world. Expect sharp insights and smart approaches from Constellation Research’s Founder and Principal Analyst, as he explains why organizations need to build digital artisans into their future plans, and why they are needed in an era of massive transparency

Mark Turrell – technology pioneer, awarded Young Global Leader by the World Economic Forum, (Founder of Imaginatek, CEO Orcasci) was a keynote at our first ever HR Tech Europe in 2011 talking about how he was helping to bring down dictatorships via social technology and how you can use these technologies to navigate your own organizational challenges. In my early days of blogging and formulating ideas for what the Pan European HR Network would look and feel like, I was inspired by some of the work credited to Mark between 2007-2010 when he was CEO at Imaginatek. Mark’s work was way ahead of its time – even when I look around today there are a good chunk of companies out there that would love to be at this level even 4 yrs on – back in 2010 we wrote about some of the leading Social Media HR Ideas!

Mark got me thinking on what we could be doing around HR, Social and Technology, he was pitching me on how social networks could bring down dictators – this was well before the Arab Spring happened  … how he got to meet a country President in a day through a social media challenge, microfinancing social business for agriculture in places like Africa and Mongolia. He was a great keynote at our first event in 2011 and we’re delighted to have him back. Mark’s session –  Scaling: Small Smart Moves for Outsized Results.

Meggitt PLC a FTSE 100 company is a global engineering group specialising in extreme environment components and sub-systems for aerospace, defence and energy markets. Meggitt are exclusively presenting on their major HR and Company Transformation entitled Smart Engineering at Meggitt led by Michael Molinaro, Senior Vice President, HR at Meggitt and introduced by Mike Ettling, Global Head of Cloud & On-Premise HR at SAP.

Smart Machines – the IBM Watson team are at HR Tech Europe! Yes that’s right IBM Watson are coming for a Big Data for HR session called Analyze This: How to Get the Most Out of New Talent  – Obed D. Louissaint, Vice President Human Resources for IBM Watson will be discussing how they are using Watson technology to gain advantage in the talent war.

Other Smarts at HR Tech next month?

Smart moves from many of the Top 500 Companies in Europe – they are sending large team delegations to enjoy the rewards of being able to attend an event as a leadership team and decide on a vast menu of speakers and vendors and parties to go to.

Whether you are working smart, looking for smart solutions, or just keen to find out the smart moves to make in the world of HR and technology then HR Tech Europe 2014 is the smart place to be!

See you in Amsterdam on 23 & 24 October!


  • Hey Marc, this was neat, elaborative and precise post about the event. Thanks for compiling all of it. Technology fascinates me and it is interesting to see HR divulging its importance. looking forward to the event.