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Delighted to announce that HRN and our blog squad have won a number of best blog awards globally this year – so massive CONGRATULATIONS to all involved for their diligence, energy and hard work in making the blog such a success. Special mention to David Green who signed off the year quite nicely as Winner of the Best Writer in HR Tech. I truly feel we are only getting started and I am excited about the possibilities of what the network can achieve in 2016. This year +1.5million people visited the blog with most of that coming through on year end! In 2016 we celebrate our 5th birthday and one area of celebration will be scaling and turbocharging the blog.

Here are our Top 10 Blogs for 2015 (measured by visitors)!

  1. Workplace Flexibility as an Employee Benefit
  2. Not understanding how to use big data is a symptom, not a problem
  3. People and Technology, Just What Are We Pretending Not to Know?
  4. The New Future through the Digital Revolution
  5. 10 tips to getting started with HR Analytics
  6. Keeping the ‘Human’ in HR Analytics
  7. The Biggest Onboarding Mistake You Might Already Be Making
  8. Feeding Your Workforce Analytics Engine: Encouraging Employee Participation
  9. Predictive analytics and algorithms: the future of recruiting?
  10. 12 key takeaways from HR Tech World 2015 

The #1 blog above on Workforce Flexibility had +70,000 visits – interesting that our blogosphere numbers zoom in on transparency & flexibility and underlining employee goals, happiness and metrics in the workplace as one of the big discussions on the Future of the Work. This is evident by other blogs on HR Reporting and the old adage of HR being last to the table is still on the table – we continue to see other functions like Marketing, Logistics, etc having lots more fun and leading the way with amazing results … so I personally find it frustrating to watch so many in HR watch the train go by. Good to great recruiters in my experience are a different breed, quite often more like sales and tend to be onto the latest trends, tech and tactics – looking to areas of the business like marketing and start-up for inspiration – so I was delighted that we could mix up such a diverse leadership crowd in Paris (Tech, Recruitment and HR) despite seeing sparks in a couple of corners :).

Its +3 years since HRN did the first event on Big Data for HR, there has not been the speed of evolution in this area one would have expected, given the chatter and noise in the market. The majority of HR functions are still avoiding the elephant in the room, that laziness of looking for off-the-shelf HR analytics tools/products (Big Data v Small Data and perhaps Smart Data is a better coin of phrase) /one size should fits all and being trapped into that benchmark heaven – where everything looks and feels the same. Arrrgh. Based on my own discussions with CEO’s and function heads outside HR, the vibrations I have picked up this year is that leadership teams seem to have become more afraid of what is going on inside the business v’s what is going on outside the business, and thats largely because they don’t have timely, consistent, quantitative and qualitative information. HRN continue to aggressively push and promote the opportunity for HR to evolve faster and truly own the title of Most Important Function.

Most shared pic/infographic came from Paris blog squad member Virpi and my favourite researcher on the planet Josh Bersin on his Top 10 HR Trends for 2016.



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  • Mostafa Azzam

    Great article, Mark. And, a great way to end the year!

    See you in London, in March …