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Thank you all for joining us in London on the 24th & 25th of March!

It is our hope that the event has left a lasting impression on the participants – whether delegates sharing valuable knowledge and insights, sponsors building relationships with new and existing clients, or speakers stimulating debate, ideas and innovation.  For the team at HRN it is months of preparations, team meetings, strategy discussions and negotiations that end in two action packed days that are gone in the blink of an eye. What was created during these two days in London will remain a part of us at HRN Europe for a long time – and it is our hope that all of you who attended will experience that feeling too, as you share the wealth of knowledge and information that was HR Tech Europe 2015 with your colleagues who couldn’t be there.

Instead of a lengthy post on all the glorious moments at HR Tech Europe let me try and summarise it through some of the images.

The event was attended by 1,236 HR professionals, with 81 speakers and 57 sponsors … plus the Palace Guards who were waiting to greet people at registration (next time we’ll try to get mounted Life Guards!)

event pics1


Day 1 kicked-off to a full house with Peter Hinssen’s presentation “The Network Always Wins”, which received overwhelmingly outstanding feedback


Lots was happening on the exhibition floor – networking, interviews in the Media Lounge, raffles, product demonstrations.


With 9 tracks in addition to the Main Stage attendees were spoiled for choice with presentations on Social Collaboration, HR Technology, Future of Workforce Learning, User Adoption and many others …

HR Tech Europe - Day 1 - Image by Dan Taylor - dan@heisenbergmedia.com-207

Sponsors were not bored either …

HR Tech Europe - Day 1 - Image by Dan Taylor - dan@heisenbergmedia.com-247

The event was supported by 20 Media Partners and 21 bloggers. The Blog Squad managed to get together for a quick photo shoot.


Officially, the first day was over with drinks on the exhibition floor. Sponsored parties began soon after.

HR Tech Europe - Day 1 - Image by Dan Taylor - dan@heisenbergmedia.com-250

The Hedges were back greeting attendees on Day 2. After partying all night in London you simply need a hug.

HR Tech Europe - Day 2 - Image by Dan Taylor - dan@heisenbergmedia.com-1

Costas Markides energised and enthused the audience with his opening Keynote presentation


Interviews on the Exhibition Floor continued

HR Tech Europe - Day 2 - Image by Dan Taylor - dan@heisenbergmedia.com-181

HR Tech Europe - Day 2 - Image by Dan Taylor - dan@heisenbergmedia.com-194


In the meantime, Euan Semple, gave the audience insights into Social Media in the Modern Workplace

HR Tech Europe - Day 2 - Image by Dan Taylor - dan@heisenbergmedia.com-129

Rachel Botsman came over from Australia and closed the day talking about The Future of ‘Work’ in the Collaborative Economy…

HR Tech Europe - Day 2 - Image by Dan Taylor - dan@heisenbergmedia.com-199

…after which she took the elevator three floors down for the final interview of the day


HR Tech Europe 2015 was a huge success!  Thank you to all again for coming to London on the 24th-25th of March and making the event happen.  A special thanks to all our Speakers and Sponsors, but most of all to you, the attendees, for being there and making it not just informative but fun!  It is the constant thirst for knowledge and improvement within our HR community that makes this event so fast-paced, keeps it constantly growing and, dare I say it, disruptive!

HR Tech Europe - Day 2 - Image by Dan Taylor - dan@heisenbergmedia.com-244Here at HRN we learn something new from every event on how to make the next one even more relevant, innovative and exciting for the attendees … so see you in Paris for HR Tech World Congress in October with Sir Richard Branson as the Opening Keynote!

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