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In the recent years, the workplace has seen many changes. We now have revolutionary smart devices, the convenience of BYOD work policies and office spaces that are anything but traditional have all been radical. Of all the trends, though, the most radical one has to be recruiting an international team.


Are you skeptical of recruiting your team internationally? You may struggle with managing a remote team, though. Since they come with different set of practices or paperwork, nevertheless, the benefits of hiring such employees trump it all.


Here is a penetrating look at the benefits of recruiting your team internationally.


Wider Pool of Candidates


If you are not restricted by hiring employees from the same city or country, you have a wider pool of candidates to consider from. You are now free to focus on a wide audience who may have higher qualifications or betters skills compared to your existing talent pool. Besides, this HubSpot survey suggests that remote employees are happier and more productive than those working in offices. This is win-win for your bottom line and worth all the effort of hiring internationally.


Develop New Markets


How can international employees help you develop a new market? The reasons are obvious. Remote hires are familiar with the language, the culture, and the jargons of the locals. A team based on the remote location are more aware of the trends and the tones for messaging. Your international hires are more likely to understand preferences of the locals. Their skills, background and familiarity with the region become your key assets. This is everything and more you need to set up a new branch or an offshore delivery station in a new market.


Varied Skill Base


When you decide to recruit a team internationally, it opens a wider pool of talent. There is a constant shortage of talent for specific industries such as healthcare, anyway. According to the Manpower Group survey, over 40% of global employers have reported talent shortages. Just training and development may not help global companies control this shortfall. Getting a varied skill base is one of the key benefits of recruiting your team internationally.


Diversity Approaches


International hires play a big role in helping you develop a new market. Recruiting a team internationally is a bold approach to give you a globalised workplace. Even if you don’t plan to start a new centre in another continent, recruiting internationally gives you a diverse group to work with.


When you offer equal opportunity for employees it makes your company a good place to work for. International hires increase workplace diversity in a lot of ways. Here are additional benefits of increasing workplace diversity:


  • A diverse workplace is more productive. The international hires bring new ideas, perspectives and processes in your company. When ideas implemented and credit given to employees, employee morale is increased. This nudges the employees to be more effective and efficient at work. A diverse leadership will also help you bring in new methods to manage teams and projects.
  • A diverse workplace is more creative. A team that with varied backgrounds are capable of bringing different solutions to a common problem. With more choices, the probability of getting the best workable solution is higher. Brainstorming is effective as more ideas are put forth by the diverse workforce.
  • A diverse workplace has more bilingual workers. Your team will have an easier time communicating with customers who belong to a particular region, say Japan. This language diversity helps you connect with diverse communities, thus increasing your sales in new and developing markets.
  • A diverse workplace gives you a positive reputation. Potential candidates who are highly skilled are attracted to companies that make diverse hiring. When your company is known to treat your employees fairly, you can not only attract new talent but also retain your existing workforce.


Economic reasons


Cost is one of the most obvious benefits of recruiting your team internationally. The cost of labour is much cheaper. You can hire highly skilled labour, such as a developer for a quarter of the actual price you may have to pay in your country. You don’t have to pay for office space or equipment when you have remote workers using their own devices and spaces. Besides, when you have a remote team working from their homes or anywhere outside office, they are more productive. Why? Because there are no distractions such as office politics, counting or anything else.


Whether you have a big budget or you are a small business owner looking to recruit a team that is remote based, the process is not that daunting. Remember to follow a careful interview process. Make sure you video and ask questions about self-management, communication etc, other than the general experience and reference questions listed on the resume.


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