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The month of April was marked by a lot of rain, sunshine and hard work in setting up the HR Tech World Paris event. Let’s take a look to see what else we had going on in the world of HR and HR Tech.

April Blog Favorites

What skillset is becoming essential in the HR department? (hint: starts with T ends with –echnology)

Surya Prakash Mohapatra details the 7 measures that foster learning, with a little backstory in neuroscience.

Peter Hinssen was interviewed at HR Tech Europe last month, and we released his interview and a go-to package of his presentation a few weeks ago.

We engaged talented infographer Virpi Oinonen for a beautiful and informative piece on employee engagement and enterprise social networks.

On the Grapevine

Cath Everett, at HR Tech Europe, summarizes Rachel Botsman’s presentation on the collaborative economy with one question: Micropreneur rights: how do we protect workers in the digital age? Dorothy Dalton explored social recruitment  in light of relationship building, with Bill Boorman and Jerome Ternynck.  Gemma Reucroft reported on social media’s influence on the changing nature of power. Jacob Morgan looks into employer branding and the changing attitudes in recruitment/job search, and the keys to attracting – and retaining top talent.

Premier Foods’ move to being a cloud-based operation continues with HR in the form of SuccessFactors – informed diginomica. Last week we had an exciting discussion on the future of work going on over at Virgin Disruptors on the Future of Work – Employee Wellbeing.

Expert Corner

The ADP blog features the Innovation Lab, detailing how their startup culture and environment fosters growth in the company.

successfactors’ blog offers insight to the relationship between reaching targets and HR strategies, through their workplace 2020 study.

Cornerstone On Demand looks at the whopping 13 hours/week we spend with and around organizing our google calendars – and sees how it can be leveraged into employee retention.

The right speed for cloud adoption – NGA’s Gert-Jan Koops takes into consideration the different factors that need to be kept in mind when moving corporate functions to the cloud.