Euan helps organizations, and more importantly the people in them, get their heads around social media, social business, and the social web both inside and outside the firewall. He has unique experience in doing this from his time as Director of Knowledge Management at the BBC where they deployed social enterprise systems - forums, blogs and wikis - on a significant scale. Since leaving the BBC Euan has worked with major organizations such as Nokia, the World Bank, and NATO and has unique insights into how to make the latest technologies work for you and your organization. His book Organizations Don't Tweet was recently published and is on sale in bookshops around the world. You can read more about it here: http://bit.ly/s8j8Mg Euan publishes a newsletter which is full of information to help organizations get the most out of the social web for their business. You can register to receive my free newsletter by filling in the form you will find at this address http://euansemple.com/newsletter/

Our old way of seeing the world has run out of steam. Our confidence in our institutions is at rock bottom. Our overarching stories looking tired and out of date. Trump, Brexit, global warming, and the imminent impact of automation and AI are all challenging some deeply held assumptions about life and work.


The worry is that our old world is falling apart faster than we are working out what to do in the new one. Our biggest enemies in this situation are complacency and lack of curiosity.


This is why every time we think WTF? we should seize the opportunity to wonder more. Digging deeper, talking to each other about what is happening and why, shaking our certainties, and doing it all faster. It is always a fine line between fear and excitement, we should choose which side of that line we fall on.