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As much as we’re all looking forward to HR Tech World in London, we all know (perhaps because yours truly is emceeing) the fizz, bang, pop will be at the disruptHR area. With such an assortment of businesses and concepts, we’re sure to be witness new ideas around the future of work. Coming from diverse backgrounds, disruptHR attendees will all be looking for something slightly different – maybe your needs and their services will be a match? You’ll only know if you swing by and get a flavour of what’s going on.


The five disruptHR finalistsFLOW, Peachy Mondays, Staffbase, Textio and Workometry – have been announced and each has their own dedicated blog post, which you can follow via the links.


Our complete disruptHR group is listed below, sorted into their primary focus areas so you can make a beeline to those who are most fitting to you. Note, I am not endorsing or personally supporting any of these – I am merely showing you who is who!


Employee Experience


FLOW – A psychometric unveiling of your culture and team fit

Peachy Mondays – Revolutionising employee feedback

Staffbase – Connecting colleagues and their company with communication

Soma Analytics – Finding areas for improvement in employee health and productivity

Sparkus – Gamified self-coaching tool to support real-life coaching

Workometry – Turning employee feedback data into effective actions




Coorpacademy – Making corporate learning more fun, flexible and collaborative

LearningHubz – A portal of online learning for everyone


Core HR


Toucan Toco – Decision-making with visualisation and interactive smart dashboards

Epic Software – An alternative HR platform in development


Talent & Recruitment


Devscore – Translating coder credentials from their work for recruiters

Textio – Tailoring your job description smartly as you write it

PredictiveHire – predict post-hire outcomes using data science


I wish everyone the best of luck with their endeavours at HR Tech World and take my hat off to you all for taking the plunge and being active #disruptHR’ers.


To hear more about our disruptHR champions I suggest you come visit us at the disruptHR area on 21st and 22nd March, or follow us at #disruptHR! Read the rest of my thoughts on disruptHR on the HRN blog.