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Co-founder Daniel Bodonyi started his career as a professional services entrepreneur in Hungary before founding FLOW with Casey Wahl last year. Already with five people based in Berlin, FLOW seeks to help organisations with their non-anonymous employee retention tool. Having spent the first year working with psychologists to ensure the product was based on sound principles, the initial version is fresh off the shelf, with the first public version launched this month.


FLOW’s ambition is to combine proprietary psychological assessments with machine learning to help companies reduce unwanted employee turnover. The software matches people’s motivational profiles to other data points, such as how they see their company’s culture and how long they stay at a company.


But FLOW is aiming to be more that a retention tool – their website and online media talks about the journey from screening to engagement to churn. As a screening hiring tool FLOW predicts culture fit based on a person’s values and intrinsic motivators, rather than based on how they “walk and talk”. For existing employees, FLOW promises to predict turnover risk with over 80% accuracy, identifying any causes of the risk and giving HR and line managers actionable recommendations to prevent unwanted turnover. Daniel told me “We segment the market into two types of companies: legacy organisations – those that think people are replaceable – and those that think of people as their key asset. We believe the former aren’t looking for innovation, rather, they’d like to keep doing what they’re doing, only a bit faster, with less overhead, and perhaps with better UI/UX. The latter are ready to embrace the initial discomfort that comes with real change because they have a genuine desire to improve the workplace. It is this latter type that we are targeting, regardless of their shape, industry or size.”


It’s easy to see why FLOW made the Top 5 – they are innovative and have a good marketing pitch based on sound research. Daniel has a refreshing approach to why they’re coming to disruptHR so early “As Reid Hoffman is quoted as saying, ‘If you are not embarrassed by the first version of your product, you’ve launched too late’. We are firm believers in engaging with our potential customers as early as possible, and have an insatiable appetite for learning more about their needs. We had companies using FLOW even when our assessments were only implemented in an online survey tool, and we could only send them incredibly ugly reports exported from an Excel file. These early users have been giving us extremely valuable feedback, and we believe we have nothing to lose and everything to gain by learning from a wider range of customers, even if we are embarrassed by many aspects of our v1.0.”


Those involved in recruitment, smart data and employee experience will want to take note of FLOW and how they grow. They might have to wait a little while for the full product as the March 2017 launch notes that some of the technology is still pre-production. On this Daniel is also very open “FLOW is very smart, but it’s far from sexy yet. Improving UI/UX will be critical for us, and we’d like to do this in a way that not only makes the product shinier and easier to use, but also solves real-life problems for our clients. In addition, as many other HR tech startups, I believe we will also struggle with converting interest into sales. We’ll need brave clients who are willing to engage with us in the long term and cooperate closely to develop a solution that is tailored to their needs.”


FLOW seems to be bucking the trend of anonymising employee feedback by broadcasting it as a key and differentiating feature – time will tell if the buyer market thinks this is a differentiator but they’re certainly worth taking note of– disruptHR is about challenging the status quo after all!


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