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This is a guest post by Chloe Celand.

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Struggling to grow your engineering team? You can’t dispute the fact that hiring technical talent is tough. Competition is fiercer than ever before with the demand for developers higher than the number actively looking for work. It’s becoming increasingly important that you improve the way you communicate with developers. They tell us that the most challenging aspect of the job search is finding a role that seems interesting and suits their lifestyle preferences. So it’s no surprise that putting a job on the market and hoping for the best isn’t enough.

At Stack Overflow we hold the expert knowledge on developers because we speak with our community every day. This year 26,086 developers from 157 countries participated in our annual user survey, including over 11,000 from Europe. They provided us with great insight into the technical hiring landscape that we are going to share with you.  

It’s very well addressing that there’s a challenge in the technical hiring space. But how can you improve this through communication? One of the most important things to remember is that a personalized approach is a prerequisite for successful engagement. Not all developers speak your language or use your preferred means of communication. If they’re struggling to find jobs that are interesting then you need to highlight your company’s perks, culture and mission in order to gain their attention.

Contact them by email

Email is the top preferred means of communication for developers, with 65% of respondents in our annual user survey saying email is a “great” way to hear about job opportunities. In Europe 65% said email was a great way of getting in touch while 44% said they also loved being contacted via Stack Overflow. Reach out to them using a personalised approach through an email or contact them via Stack Overflow.

Highlight what’s unique about you

Our survey found that 61% of developers say product details are the most important aspect of a new job. And 39% of developers will prioritise an interesting stack. It also told us that 56% of developers want to know most about compensation when first hearing about a job opportunity. So make sure to tell developers the specific challenges you face and what opportunities they’ll have to develop their skillsets. Highlight what perks or benefits you offer that go above what other companies provide. This could include things such as remote work/attractive location, good technical equipment and a pleasant working environment.

Communication is key

It’s crucial that you communicate relevant information to developers. Contact them by their preferred means of communication and reach them on Stack Overflow, the home to developers. Tell them what they want to know rather than what you require of them. Focus on company goals and on generating excitement around products. Showcase your benefits by telling them what perks you offer as well as the project they’ll be working on. If you want to attract talented developers to come work for your company then identify what you do really well and place emphasis on it.

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Chloe CelandChloe has been a member of the marketing team at Stack Overflow for the past year. Her main focus lies with the European market where she researches and analyses data on the developer hiring landscape. She regularly writes content for the company blog including an article that was published during London Technology Week on the right approach to hiring developers