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The rise of a shared economy, freelancing, independent contracting and knowledge-intensive career has helped to spur the popularity of co-working spaces. Sure, we all enjoy the convenience of working from home–but, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. It can feel isolating when you work alone for extended periods of time. Then, you start to remember the joys of having co-workers to talk to…about anything. At the same time, remote work gives you the flexibility you wouldn’t at an office job. So, the trade -offs are there. Yet, there are constant distractions at home–not to mention the loneliness. You might even notice you receive more bursts of energy when you get out and socialize. Well, with the advent of co-working spaces, you don’t have to find a party to attend just to be around people. You can enjoy an office-like environment without having to work for someone else. Plus, it’s a lot more cost-effective than a traditional office space which can require years of commitment.


Through co-working, you can feel the synergy of a group of talented people sharing one large space. Technology has also made it easier for you to bring your tools along with you. Read on to learn why co-working is becoming increasingly popular.




Through co-working, you can network with bright minds you’ve never met before. Had it not been for the co-working space, you might not have even crossed paths. That is another thing about working in an isolated environment, you have to actively seek out networking opportunities. When you co-work, you have those opportunities right in front of you.


Your shared space allows you to “pick the brains” of people either in your own line of work or in related fields. You might also like to know that there are co-working spaces on almost every continent. To illustrate, Regus offers office space options that you can rent by the hour or the day–whatever suits you best. They also give you a list of locations that are most convenient for you. If you’re a freelance graphic designer, you might want to work with website designers, programmers and even font designers.


Step out of your comfort zone


There are times when you need your alone time to focus, but there are also times when you need to get a new source of ideas. Through co-working, you can work across the desk from someone who may help you develop a new line of thinking. Taking a risk to work alongside other people helps to infuse the creation process. This means you have to break out of your current comfort zone. When you do, you open your mind and work to new possibilities and fresh solutions. Just think of how much you change after having lunch with friends. The same is true with co-working.


If you are a natural introvert, challenge yourself to try co-working. Many times, as the Franklin D. Roosevelt quote goes there is nothing to fear but fear itself. Moreover, you have the opportunity to exercise your social and networking skills.


Take a break from the usual routine


Co-working allows you to switch up your pace in a location that can breathe life into your work and projects. It can be refreshing to work in a new environment, alongside other freelancers and entrepreneurs. They might not even be in the same line of work as you are, but you have a few things in common already such as choosing the same co-working space at that particular time and being remote workers. Co-working lets you take some of the pressures of that you would normally get at your regular place of work. If you have remote employees, you might even invite them to join you.


Have a virtual office


If you work for yourself, you are essentially a business. Even if you can’t afford rent for a traditional office space, co-working can let you set up an address for receiving packages and mail. Furthermore, you can rent small suites to meet with clients. Not to mention, you can use these very suites as a calm room to speak with clients or have a bit of a break from the kids.


Get rid of loneliness


It goes without saying that working from home can get lonely after a while. You’ve probably experienced the stress that comes with all work and no play. Well, co-working is a quick fix. You’ll get that sense of camaraderie even when working alongside strangers. You’re all there on a mission, to get work done. It helps to feel support, even if you don’t know anyone else in the room. It’s a bit like your old office days, except better because each of you calls the shots.


Working from home is only fun for so long. After a while, you can get really lonely. Sure, it helps to talk with friends and family, but they may not really understand the life of a solopreneur. Although, with co-working, you get to meet other solopreneurs and feel supported and on the same wavelength.


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