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Faye Holland, HR Tech World blogger interviews Nicolas Speeckaert of Skeeled to find out more about their job-applicant screening software they’ll be showcasing in the disruptHR startup zone.

FAYE: Who are you and what do you do?

NICOLAS: skeeled.com is a job-applicant screening software, enabling recruiters to evaluate, process and shortlist candidates. Using this tool for your recruitment process redirects applicants to the skeeled.com application where each will create a standardised CV, conduct a personality assessment and pre-recorded a video based on your customised HR questions. The computer intelligence then operates a match and shortlist the most promising candidates for your company’s recruitment necessities. skeeled will soon progress from its “beta” version to launch and start commercialising the software. Our unique software was built to provide a solution to a problem all organisations, regardless of their size, have to contend with on a regular basis.

FAYE: Why did you decide to take part in disruptHRTech this year?

NICOLAS: disruptHRTech is probably the single best place to introduce our game changing software, as this event is bringing together, under one roof, key influencers and stakeholders in the Human Resource sector. This is a great opportunity for skeeled to converse and possibly collaborate with industry leading HR technology providers.  Moreover, this is a chance for us to attract valuable customers seeking highly innovative technologies to help and support them with their daily challenges.

The uniqueness of disruptHRTech is the fact that this event is all about HR. We strongly value the fact that this event specialises in HR, rather than just looking more generally at Tech. Consequently, the probability of skeeled talking to the right partners and with potential new customers is much greater.

FAYE: your website says you have “the most advanced candidate screening software” – what makes you different from the crowd?

NICOLAS: This is very good question and I’m glad you asked. The reason why we’re using “the most advanced candidates screening software” as the introduction sentence on our landing page, is because it represents exactly what skeeled.com is delivering. Our algorithms process, shortlist and rank automatically the most promising profiles during the screening phase of the recruitment process. We empower candidates to promote themselves in a much deeper manner, allowing skeeled to process, match and shortlist the most suitable candidates based on standardized CVs, deep personality insights and in-depth video interviews.

We are proud to say that implementing the skeeled.com platform can save up to 50% of time currently needed to recruit, reducing cost by more than 40% as well as considerably increasing the quality of hire.

FAYE: What is your view on the buyer market –its ability to innovate, engage and contract for new technologies?

NICOLAS: The buyer market has never been more forward thinking and positive than it is now. The fact is that companies understand the need to stay on top of the recruitment war, is a very good indication of the current dynamic. Companies understand better than ever that they have to equip themselves with the best and most advanced technologies out there. To give you a concrete example: nowadays, the competition for entry and mid-level jobs is so intense that companies who are able to process, evaluate, shortlist and select the right candidate are the companies that are able to attract the best candidates. Consequently the need for new technologies supporting recruiters is more essential than ever.

FAYE: How does your technology platform work?

NICOLAS: In a couple of words, companies publish their job opening as usual via multiple candidate sourcing channels (own website, job boards, social media, etc.). Instead of receiving hundreds of candidates’ CVs and having to screen them manually, applicants will be directed to the skeeled SaaS platform. From there, candidates will fill out a standardised CV, take an industry leading personality evaluation, and record a short video interview based on standardised or predefined HR questions.

The next phase involves our advanced matching algorithm analysing each candidate’s in-depth employability profile, based on companies’ recruitment necessities, and then shortlisting the most promising applicants. A collaboration tool (currently in development) will enable the entire recruitment team to screen, evaluate, comment on, and rank each applicant. That’s why we always say we don’t “recruit” for companies, we help them find the best future employees based on analysis that goes beyond anything offered on the market today.

Furthermore, regarding integration: almost no integration is needed, as our software is fully SaaS based and all in the cloud.

FAYE: What do you believe are pre-requisites in any new HR Tech?

NICOLAS: I don’t think there are pre-requisites in building a great new HR tool. I believe bringing simplicity, a great user experience, and technological innovation, as well as making sure that new tools communicate with existing tools.

FAYE: What’s your idea of innovation?

NICOLAS: Improving and modernising the way people work, live, move and interact. My idea of innovation is building forward thinking technologies that assist in making life easier for everyone.

FAYE: What are your plans for expansion?

NICOLAS: In the coming years, skeeled.com will possess a deeply advanced matching algorithm, capable of cross-relating skills and personality traits with working environment and company culture in the most accurate manner. The artificial intelligence behind our software will be fed with data and feedback over the years, to make it understand and link candidates with the best job openings in the market. We will automate this process and have the most advanced intelligence to support recruiters in their selection process, whilst also offering job seekers a platform that enables them to promote their employability profile in a revolutionary way and matching them with a work place that fits to them.

FAYE: Are you seeing differences across Europe? Around the globe?

NICOLAS: The cultural differences around the globe are gigantic. Nevertheless for many people and organisations, common problems arise around different part of the world, making it possible for a start-up to scale and grow in different locations quite rapidly.

FAYE: What would you like to achieve out of participation at HR World Congress this year?

NICOLAS: Building brand awareness is a very important incentive of our participation at this year’s HR World Congress. Furthermore, we are planning signing up many new customers to our service. Additionally, we always have in mind collaborating with others in terms of partnerships, thus we are very open in discussing potential collaboration.


More about Nicolas

Nicolas Speeckaert – Co-founder

Tech-passionate and driven entrepreneur, my daily mission is to push forward skeeled toward its long-term vision. Alongside my associates, we have the goal, and ability, to truly redefine the current online recruitment market, by successfully competing in the market with the most powerful online recruitment tool for companies seeking to enhance their recruitment processes.

Twitter: @nicospeeckaert

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/nicolasspeeckaert